Ancient town at foot of misty Don Cao Mountain

Posted OnMarch 20, 2012

ByTomy Ngo

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Dong Van ancient town is hundreds of years ago old and is populated by minority people. Most of them can speak Chinese as this is very close to the Vietnamese-Chinese border. From Ha Giang City, taking national road 4C to the north east for 150 kilometers, tourists come to Dong Van town as well as Dong Van ancient town, that leans against the huge big black rocky Don Cao Mountain. The houses in the ancient town are made from the typical stone of the region.


The houses which are built continuously, resemble an ancient China town

Agricultural products are sold at the market a few hundred meters away from where they were produced - Photos: Pham Thai

Tourists walk down the path after reaching the top of Don Cao Mountain. Along the path is where villagers cultivate their plants


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