For adventure lovers and sports enthusiasts, April 2020 is the best time to travel to Hanoi since the capital city will host Formula 1, F1 Grand Prix 2020. Mark this date on your calendar to enjoy this dazzling street circuit at the heart of our bustling capital!

Formula One has decided to hold its first Vietnamese Grand Prix with a race on the street circuit in Hanoi in 2020. So, why not make your trip to Vietnam more memorable by attending the most exciting event of the year?

The History of Formula 1 Race

F1 Race in Hanoi 2020
Hanoi will host the F1 Race in 2020

Formula 1 (or F1) originated from the Grand Prix Motor Racing in Europe which took place in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1946, the rules of this game were standardized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The name refers to the set of rules which all participants must obey.

The first world championship race was organized in 1950 at Silverstone, United Kingdom. The number of Grand Prix in a season has varied through the years, starting from 1950 which had 7 races. Japan was the first Asian country which hosted the F1 Race in 1976 and 1977. In 2018, there are 6 out of 21 nations hosted the Formula 1 races, which were Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, and Bahrain.

Hanoi, Vietnam F1 Race in April 2020

In early October 2018, the International Automobile Federation’s (FIA) director Charlie Whiting decided that Vietnam, together with Monaco, Singapore, and Azerbaijan, will host the F1 Race in 2020. It is a part of Formula 1’s long-term strategy to reach new audiences around the globe.

In Hanoi, the race will take place at My Dinh Sports Complex in Nam Tu Liem District. At first, the race was proposed to organize around Hoan Kiem Lake area, however, due to traffic issue, Hanoi’s authorities decided to move the race to My Dinh.

F1 reveals track map for Hanoi street race - F1 Race in Hanoi 2020
F1 reveals a track map for Hanoi street race

The total area of My Dinh Sports Complex is 800,000 meters square, which can seat 40,192 people. The race track in Hanoi was predicted to be 5,565 meters long and designed by a German company, promising to bring both racers and fans unforgettable performances.

According to Hanoi’s authorities, the competition would not be sponsored by the state, but funded by our top private company, Vingroup. The total expenditure was expected to be US $60 million, which will be divided into different phases. Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism planned to build two stands with 5,000 seats on 6.8 hectares of land and the rest would be used for supporting buildings. All restaurants and parking lots around My Dinh area will shut down and cleared to make way for the construction.

Hanoi's authorities set the street circuit - F1 Race in Hanoi 2020
Hanoi’s authorities set the street circuit

Vingroup, the exclusive sponsor of the F1 race in Vietnam, has signed a multi-year deal to host the Grand Prix for 8 years. Vingroup is one of the largest private enterprise in Vietnam, which invests a number of sectors such as real estate, retailing, healthcare, and car manufacturing with its new car brand Vinfast.

The ticket price is expected to be announced in April 2019.

What to Prepare for Hanoi F1 Race

Planning an itinerary to our country may be difficult, especially if you are a first-time traveler to Vietnam. To have an unmemorable trip to see the Formula 1 race, these are things you need to prepare:

1. Visa to Vietnam

Prepare your visa to see the F1 race in Hanoi
Prepare your visa to see the F1 race in Hanoi

Before traveling to Vietnam for the F1 race, make sure that your passport must be valid for six months beyond your travel date to Vietnam and you must have at least one blank visa page.

There are 4 popular travel visa types: 1-month single entry, 1-month multiple entries, 3-month single entry, and 3-month multiple entries.

Check whether your nationality is eligible for visa to Vietnam exemption, or Paradise Travel can help you prepare a letter of visa on arrival to Vietnam. Visa exemption is granted to these nationalities within certain length of stay (updated March 2019):

  • Within 14 days: Brunei and Myanmar
  • Within 15 days:  Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland , Spain, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Belarus, and Russia
  • Within 21 days: Philippines
  • Within 30 days: Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos
  • Within 90 days: Chile

2. Accommodations

Find an accommodation for your Hanoi trip to see F1 Race
Find accommodation for your Hanoi trip (Image: Apricot Hotel)

Since April is high tourism season in Vietnam, you may want to book your accommodation in advance in case all hotels are overbooked. Since My Dinh Sports Complex is far from the city centre (about 10 kilometers), we recommend that you book a hotel room in Hoan Kiem District so that it is easier for you to travel around and look for restaurants to eat.

Contact us now, and we can arrange you a hotel room with all essential amenities, well-trained staff, and the highest level of cleanliness and professionalism.

3. Transportation around Hanoi

Rent a private car in Vietnam - F1 car race in Vietnam
Rent a private car in Vietnam

You may find it hard and expensive to book a taxi or Grab car to My Dinh Stadium. Instead, car rental service in Vietnam will offer you flexibility and save a lot of waiting time.

Some popular car brands you can book with Paradise Travel are Toyota Altis, Toyota Yaris, Honda Civic, and Ford Focus. All cars are well-maintained and equipped with essential amenities like air conditioners and baby seats. Our drivers are all well-trained and have a sound knowledge about traffic rules and regulations to ensure the utmost safety on your trip.

4. Book a Hanoi City Tour

Cyclo around Hanoi Old Quarter
Cyclo around Hanoi Old Quarter

Before watching the Hanoi F1 race, maybe you want to discover the capital city a little bit. Booking a Hanoi city tour is a wise decision when visiting this city since you will not have to worry about researching tourist attractions, avoiding tourist traps, and finding transportation to each place. With our experienced tour guides, you can understand Vietnam’s history, culture, and people by visiting some landmarks of the capital city.

Hoan Kiem Lake and Old Quarter area, the must-see places in Hanoi, are always included in every city tour program for tourists to see local life and purchase some souvenirs. Also, you can have a chance to visit from historical and cultural sites like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, Tran Quoc Pagoda, and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to colonial structures such as St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi Opera House, and Hoa Lo Prison (Maison Centrale).

5. Vietnamese Cuisine List to Try

Bun cha - Delicious food to try in Hanoi
Bun cha – Delicious food to try in Hanoi

Hanoi is the place for foreign travelers to admire the quintessence of Vietnamese gastronomy. The most famous food in this city is Pho, but did you know that this city is filled with many other authentic and delicious traditional dishes? Here is the list of Vietnamese dishes that quickly become travelers’ favorite when coming to Hanoi:

  • Pho
  • Bun cha (barbecued pork with rice vermicelli)
  • Cha ca (grilled fish)
  • Banh cuon (steamed rice cake)
  • Nem ran (fried spring rolls)
  • Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls)
  • Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich)
  • Xoi (sticky rice)
  • Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake)

Read more: The Top 5 Every Foody Must Try in Vietnam

6. Think of Other Destinations around Hanoi

Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh

Don’t just stay around the city center after the race; there is a lot of fun near Hanoi. If you are looking for some destinations in the suburb of Hanoi, consider Duong Lam Ancient Village, Bat Trang Ceramic Village and Van Phuc Silk Village. You can have a chance to admire the peaceful atmosphere of Red River Delta’s rural area, learn the process of making handicraft, and buy some souvenirs.

Ninh Binh and Halong Bay, two places with UNESCO heritage sites, should probably on your list. On your tour to Ninh Binh, you can discover mesmerizing limestone sceneries and other religious and cultural relics. Relaxing on a Halong Bay cruise will offer a one-of-a-kind experience on your trip. You can both capture the beauty of seascape on a luxury vessel and exercise a little bit with some activities like morning taichi, swimming, and kayaking.

Mai Chau daily tour is suitable for anyone who wants to see rice terraces in Vietnamese mountainous region but do not have time for Sapa. Cycling is the best thing you can do here, on the ride you can see Vietnamese peasants working on the paddy fields.

Start planning your tailor-made Vietnam tour by contacting one of our specialists…

A Hanoian lover of art, cuisine and culture, Chi Nguyen enjoys exploring all elegant aspects of this city as well as discovering off-the-beaten-track destinations in the beautiful S-shaped country.

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