Cambodian cuisine is very diverse processing but baking is a source of inspiration for the dish. You will see the ubiquitous barbecue, restaurant, restaurant furniture you can also a flaming charcoal to just outside the door. Do not forget to enjoy the delicious seafood grill full of nutrients, filled with seasoned meat dishes roasted spices are also attractive, but also to enjoy the food once baked belostomatid certainly will not disappoint you . The restaurant appears everywhere in the city, designed in traditional style, or simply not sophisticated but also very clean and airy. Cambodians do not focus much on the style that they value quality food.

The insect is a dish that left the impression that perhaps the deepest and most difficult to eat the tourists especially tourists from National. But it is the most delicious dishes, the most popular of the Cambodian people. Insects from ants, spiders, scorpions … all kinds have become inspired dishes full of nutrients. Please try to eat food “ant eggs, fried eggs,” make sure you add a dish called again after the supper dishes fried spiders, greasy surely conquer your taste. Do not miss the opportunity here!