Besides its stunning natural beauty, Thailand is famous all over the globe for its ethnic food preparations. Indeed, Thai cuisine is known for its pungent flavor and rich taste. For a better understanding of Thai gourmet culture, particularly Chiang Mai culinary traditions; take a look at our section on Food of Chiang Mai This particular section’s sole purpose is to introduce you to the irresistible, lip smacking and mouth watering variety of neighboring Chiang Rai’s very own Food of Chiang Rai 

Owing to the influence of its cooler, mountainous terrain – the food of northern Thailand differs slightly from that eaten in the plains. A number of fresh vegetables are easily available up north in Chiang Rai. Also readily available are several herbs, roots, bamboo shoots, wheat grass and lemon grass; all of which are used liberally in Chiang Rai style cooking. The influence of neighboring Laos and Myanmar (Burma) is quite deep on the Food of Chiang Rai – it only has contributed in making Thai food tastier! 

The local people of Chiang Rai eat ‘glutinous rice’ which is their staple food. It is usually rolled into balls and served in small bowls made of woven bamboo. A typical meal in this region is served in what’s known as ‘khan toke’ style. This means that the food is given in hand made bamboo containers and is supposed to be eaten with fingers, being seated on the floor. ‘Somtam’ is a popular spicy dish and is made from raw green papaya. Also very well loved among Food of Chiang Rai are rich pork curries generously seasoned with ginger, tamarind and turmeric. Other highly popular Chiang Rai dishes are ‘khaeng khanoon’ which is a spicy jackfruit curry and ‘khaeng yuak’ a dish made from banana palm leaves.

Food of Chiang Rai also includes multiple varieties of noodle, especially Yunnanese and Burmese rice noodles. Special mention is to be made of the famous Thai pork sausages or sai ua which are red hot and very spicy! So get ready for a gastronomic roller coaster ride when you enter the domain of ethnic Thai cuisine. We know you will enjoy each morsel, says Travour! 

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