Da Lat View

Plateau Da Lat

Dalat is known as the “city of spring”. At this very cool, the average maximum temperature of 24 º C and average minimum temperature of 15 º C. The average annual rainfall of 1.755mm. The dry season from December to March next year. The rainy season from April to November. There is sunshine in all seasons. Thanks to the climate, both as a city of Da Lat hundred home gardens, thousands of colors year-round.

Dalat bold in their cultural identity as the legendary beautiful Highlands. These gentle people living by farming, horticulture, coffee, tea, livestock … In the village festival, family fun day, visitors will see them dancing, singing, playing music with unique instruments, but it sounds like the sound of howling wind, the sound of waterfall flowing over rocks. Beautiful nature has created the template style Dalat lovely, gentle, elegant and hospitable.