Alcohol Ngo Thanh Van:

Made from fermented corn leaves, the source of pure water from the mountains. Produced by traditional manual methods of local people. Wine specialty Ngo Thanh Van is mountainous, flavor characteristics, good, cool … Guest highland travel everyone wants to enjoy. This is also a meaningful gift to give your friends after a trip.

Porridge “Au Tau”

Old lock is rare medicines in cold country, mainly in the mountainous district. Using lock must be knowledgeable and careful. Fresh or dried root soaked with alcohol to massage the wound closed, or wind effect is very effective in treating. Especially with a hot bowl of soup was cooked to lock the foot rolls at dinner the night will foster the health effects and treatment of sore muscles, bones, … especially for weary travelers far.


Ha Giang rice wine:

The only people in Tung Ba has this secret cooking wine: Wine cooking rice cooked by steaming, the leaves incubated with yeast after distilled water way will be an alcohol such as rain, but the gold match, attractive aroma. It was a special gift just for visitors to enjoy good wine.

Dong Van beef jerky:

This is a rare specialty, do elaborate. Beef must choose, it is best muscle, cut along the grain, which is chilled, brewed ginger spice, salt, alcohol, … with bamboo skewers,smoked, dried using charcoal. When food soaked with warm water until soft, stir-fried with sliced ​​garlic leaves, cauliflower or kohlrabi … maybe buried in hot ashes, when carrying out nine, to use wooden baseball beat, bonded microfiber sauce into chili, drink wine or beer. In good weather lanhben scene flickering fire highland, who had once enjoyed will never forget.