The Yellow Mountains

This is one of the loveliest attractions in China. Trek lovers will be thrilled by amazing granite peaks, evergreen pine forests, spectacular grottoes and unforgettable views of the clouds. Thanks to its mists and clouds, this mountain becomes more mysterious and attractive. This attraction can be divided into 7 areas: Beihai Scenic Area, Xihai Scenic Area, Songgu Scenic Area, Yungu Scenic Area, Yuping Scenic Area, Baiyun Scenic Area and Hot Spring Scenic Area.

It is obvious that it will take a lot of times to visit all those 7 areas. Hence, we suggest 6 spots for you: Bright Summit Peak, Lotus Peak, Flying-Over Stone, West Sea Grand Canyon, Cloud Pavilion in the Grand Canyon of Xihai and Greeting Guest Pine. If you are not into trekking, there are 4 cable cars for you to get to the mountain peaks. Don’t forget to take photographs of magnificent sunrise and sunset in Mount Huangshan.


Hongcun Village

Hongcun Village is famous for natural sceneries and over 140 well-preserved ancient houses of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Thanks to Director Ang Lee who chose Hongcun Village for many scenes in the film Wo Hu Cang Long (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), this village now becomes a popular tourist destination. The system of streams and rivers in this village contributes to Hongcun’s quaint and quiet features. This is the place where you can take stunning pictures of rustic ancient houses, lush green trees and beautiful mountains reflecting on the lake at dawn.


Xidi Village

Less touristy and crowded than Hongcun Village, Xidi Village is the place for rustic wooden houses from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Only a half hour drive from the center of Huangshan, Xidi Village will delight history lovers with unique architecture and a rich history of 1000 years.  There are more than 100 houses which retain their architecture of the dynastic period. This village was recognized as a UNESCO Heritage site in 2000. The best times to visit Xidi Village are spring (March-April) and early autumn (October-early November) due to the pleasant weather here.


Tunxi Ancient Street

Located at the center of Tunxi District, Tunxi Ancient Street is well-known for its Anhui architecture and souvenir shops. With only 1.5 kilometers in length, this street is small yet elegant and sophisticated. Tunxi is famous for producing high-quality tea and ink. You can visit Tunki’s old ink factory and discover how ink was produced during the ancient time. Moreover, tourists will have a chance to understand the value of the Four Treasures in Chinese calligraphy tradition – brush, ink, paper and ink stone.


Xin An River

Located at the foot of the Yellow Mountain, Xin An River is the essential waterway for the local people. There are many ancient villages along the upstream section of this river, which make hiking along this river popular recently. There are many charming fields along the river, and they are even more beautiful in spring when rape flowers bloom. Clear water, imposing mountains and yellow rape flowers will be perfect scenery for your photos.