Khon Kaen Attractions – Sightseeing

The city is the gateway to Isaan, and very much a centre of North East Thailand’s cultural heritage. . It is famed for silk production with a Silk Fair held annually and visitors traveling to the North East will find Khon Kaen a rewarding stop on the way north.

City Attractions

Khon Kaen Museum:

Some of the most important archaeological treasures of the region can be viewed in this excellent museum The nearby Ban Chang site was found to have prehistoric itemsi from an early civilization. Also in the museum there are artifacts displayed from the Dvaravati and Khmer cultures

The museum is open Tues-Sun (not open public holidays) from 9.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m
Lung – Soonratchakaan Rd. 
Tel. 043 246170

Bueng Laen Nakhon:

This is the local park where plenty of Thai families come to spend a Sunday afternoon with a picnic or a stroll in the evening. There are plenty of restaurants around the perimeter of the lake, so a good place to relax, have a bite to eat and enjoy the views.

The Silk Fair:
Held in late November or early December this is the countries biggest silk extravaganza. Anything and everything to do with silk and its uses can be seen at the fair. There are demonstrations of silk weaving and textile production.

Out of City Attractions

Mu Ban NguChong-Ang:

A great place if you like snakes!! The village is 50km from Khon Kaen and the local villagers have gained a reputation for catching cobras, which in the world of snakes, is one of the most interesting species. There are live shows staged in the village, and a King Cobra breeding house at Wat Si Thamma.

Khuaen Ubolrata:

Although some 50 kms from Khon Kaen this is one of the favourite picnic and leisure places for Local Thai residents. Ubolrata is a dam lake which is lined with parkland, food stalls and restaurants, so plenty of people come here at the weekend to get away from the city. Boats can be rented for trips on the lake as well as banana boat rides. The dam is signposted off the route 2038 heading north.

Tel: 043 446231 or National Parks on 02 4366046

Non Mueng Ancient City:

Human skeletons have been found at this site, dating back to prehistoric times and through to the 10th century AD. 3,000 year old bronze tools have also been amongst the valuable collection of archaeological finds at Non Mueng which is 80 km from Khon Kaen.

Amphoe Chonnabot:

Silk is a famous product of Isaan and Khon Kaen is the centre of the silk business. The district is the Sal Mai Pi, which is the Silk Exhibition Hall. The tie dye silk production known as Mat Mi hails from this area, which is 60 kms south west of Khon Kaen.

Mu Ban Tao:

This is another quirky place to visit. The village is famed for its turtles, who wander around, and live amongst the villagers. They are land turtles and called Tao Phek, in Thai. Tao is the word for turtle. The village is about 60 kms from Khon Khaen, taking highway 2, then 54 kilometres on the 2062 to Ban Kok.

Prasat Pueai Noi:

is the largest Khmer sanctuary in Isaan, and is located 76 kms from the city. The ruins show three brick pagodas in the Khmer style.