Lijiang Old Town

Lijiang Old Town is the main attraction of this rustic city. Lijiang Old Town is located at the elevation of 2400 meters above the sea level. It was first built during Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) and became the ancient trading center between Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. It was also the economic, culture and communication exchange route between Naxi, Tibetan, Bai and Han ethnic groups. The religious architecture which is the combination of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism is the highlight of this ancient town.

This town is divided into three parts: Dayan Old Town, Baisha Quarter and Shuhe Ancient Town. Dayan Old Town is well-known for its unique architecture which combines northern and southern styles. Shuhe Ancient Town is the birthplace of Naxi ethnic group.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

100 kilometers from Lijiang Old Town, Tiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon on Yangtze River, the most famous place for cruising in China. It is one of the deepest gorges in the world with the vertical elevation of 3790 meters. Tiger Leaping Gorge is surrounded by Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the east and Haba Snow Mountain to the west. This place can be divided into three sections: Upper Gorge, Middle Gorge and Lower Gorge. The whole valley’s length is around 18 kilometers and it is a popular hiking trail in Lijiang. It is not a crowded trail, so you can take time to take some photos of imposing landscapes and discover ethnic life.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Mountain)

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain of Naxi people. Containing 13 peaks, this mountain is 35 kilometers long and covers an area of more than 520 kilometers square. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the home to about 6,000 species of plants and 30 species of animals. This mountain is a popular hiking trail in winters. If you are not into hiking and trekking, you can get a panoramic view from a cable car here. The best time to visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is from November to April when the peaks are covered with fog and snow.

Lugu Lake

About 200 kilometers from the center of Lijiang, Lugu Lake is an alpine lake with romantic scenery. Lugu Lake is atmospheric with green hills, clean water, and rustic stilted houses. The lake is the home to Mosuo society, which is the last matriarchal society in the world. In this lake, there are five islands among which Heiwawu Island, Liwubi Island, and Lige Island are the most frequently visited ones. Taking a boat ride along Lugu Lake is the best way to appreciate its beauty.

Jade Spring Park

Built in 1737, Jade Spring Park, also known as Heilongtan Park (means ‘Black Dragon Pool Park’ in English), is famous for its large crystal pool. In summer and autumn, the pool is really romantic with milky flowers on the water. Jade Spring Park is only 1 kilometer from Lijiang Old Town, you can walk there or take a bus.