1.Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat or Wat Yai

This monastery, commonly, called by the inhaitants as “Wat Yai”,is the most important monastery of Phitsanulok. The home of the Famous Phra Buddha Chinnarat. It is located the foot of Naresuan Bridge on the city side of the river.

The monastery was built in the reign of Phra Maha Thamma Racha I ( phra Lithai ) in 1357 A.D. It houses the Phra buddha Chinnarat regarded as most beautiful Buddha Image in Thailand. It is cast in the attitude of subduing evil. Later year,1931,King Ekatosarot graciously bestowed some of his gold regalia to be beaten into goldplate and applied them to the image with his own hand, creating this most beautiful Buddha image.

There are the many other beautiful and noteworthy items in the monastery compound. The mother – of – pearl inlaid wooden doors of Vihara are especially splendid, and were built by King Boromkot n 1756 as a dedication to Phra Buddha Chinnarat. Behind the Vihara, there is a large prang 36 meters high, which a staircase leading up to the niche containing the Buddha relics. In front of the prang, there is Phra Attharos, and on the 9 room Vihara slope, there remains only the newly renovated Buddha image.

2.Wat Ratcha Bhurana

Located on the East Nan river side near Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat. Wat Ratcha Bhurana has the beautiful temple. It is assumed that Wat Ratcha Bhurana was built by the King Borom Tri Lokganard because he governed Phitsanulok as the capital for 25 years in Ayuthya Era.

3.Wat Nang Phaya

Located in the same area as Wat Ratcha Bhurana. It is assumed to be built at the same time as Wat Ratcha Bhurana. Wat Nang Phaya is famous for its small images of Buddha that were found in 1901 and 1954.

4.Wat Chedi Yod Thong

Located outside Phitsanulok walls. At present there is only one temple remaining. This temple was assumed to built in Sukothai Era.

5.Wat Chula Manee

Lacated on the East Nan river side, south of Phitsanulok about 5 kilometers. It was built before Sukothai Era. It is the Khmer pagoda. It is the important temple in this town.

6.House boat

House boat is a typical way of life in Phitsanulok, people gather together to stay on house boats and house rafts along both sides of the Nan river. Hundred of houses lay afloat in river. Klong life in Bangkok is different from what is seen here.

7.Bung Rachanok Swamp

Bung Rachanok is the old swamp on the area of 4000 rais. Bung Rachanok was renovated in 1994 by Phitsanulok Provincial Asministration Organization. Now, Bung Rachanok is one of famous tourist attraction in Phitsanulok.