Tam Dao mountain domain of Vinh Phuc Province, is located between the deltas of the Red River, Hanoi is just over 40 kilometers as the crow flies, not only famous for its cool weather comparable to Sa Pa and Da Lat but also famous for its specialties. 

Tam Dao has more paint pride, but do not kill animals or loss of rare forest products. Because this is a national park, all wildlife is protected, the people of Tam Dao has more livestock animals such as cows, goats, wild pigs, snakes and few wild animals to domesticated livestock breeding, provide fresh food for the restaurant, restaurants, and hotels. Boar meat is really wild boars because they live in the farm village of San Diu ethnic Tam Dao mountains.

Pigs roam in the forests, to meals call for eating more vegetables, bran to pet owners for easy management. We have to make food available in the forest to live is. So we return to the original instincts, slow-growing, long snout, the hirsute hair, buttocks intolerable, abdomen slender, the foot elevated, only 15 to 16 kg can be slaughtered. This pig finished shaving, open hearts, stuffed guava leaves, lemon grass leaves, leaf buds or sesame in the stomach and gold consumption. Pork thin and elastic, not extra lean, not fat. Eat no day, no foul, as sweet as chewing, food processing always delicious, charming. Su su brand vegetables Tam Dao is popular, sales never e. Popular chayote loose soil, moist and well suited to the climate of Tam Dao. Here, large truss su su to several acres, at the olive fruit, once picked, can fill a truck.

In Tam Dao is quite a range su su vegetable markets. Su su tops sold more than one result should utilize both slots, creeks, drains to the north side horizontal bamboo, cork tree to tree climbing. Unlike the plains, su su planted only once a year, while perennial plant here. They removed old trees, the buds on a seedling root, then add an new dressing. Su su by being grown in Tam Dao withering dead roots per unit, not insects eat the leaves, the local fruit should not use pesticides. Vegetables can be boiled su su sauce or lemon sauce, or fried with garlic and beef. Additional results su su as doves, cooked boiled with salt sesame, or thinly sliced ​​or small cell su su to stir-fry or soup. Many people have been known to Sa Pa bamboo forest, bamboo forest, but nowhere in Yen Tu Tam Dao architecture. Upland farmers here called rod.

Fiber cement Tam Dao mainly iron and bamboo shoots. Cement only to sickle and chain with a longer span that can be cut. Shoots taken on, peel peeled, throw away the shell, boiled over and brine, boil, put shrimp sauce, lemon pepper. Shrimp sauce add enough alcohol for nine of 45 degrees, effervescent lemon juice, chili slices for 2-3 spicy enough. Usually one round to the shoots, boiled until soft, put on disc. When birds eat directly with their fingers, put shrimp sauce, bite each piece. Eating this way is eating bamboo Tam Dao. Tam Dao has no burning sun, the cool, wet to very quickly grow mushrooms. Retired stuffer mushrooms, cooked chicken boiled water, dried prawns, along with glossy packaging, loin, sliced ​​kohlrabi just eat aromatic, delicious, nutritious medium. 

Before specializing in Tam Dao people take mushrooms grow naturally on plants porous wood, many plastics such as figs, jackfruit, groggy, fabric upcoming items. Today, many people here have known varieties. They leaned soft wood trees, use a hammer is used exclusively in the coal mines mattress burly wood, carved into the hole to mouth drinking cup. When dry wood, plastic drain, new spores into the culture that hole, covered with a thin layer of mulch, then irrigate lightly hold moisture for mold. 

Tam Dao has enough conditions to feed deer, goats, sheep, rabbits, development goby streams dammed by natural breeding, taking royal jelly, bee puffiness non … The first was by the skilled chefs, food processing into specialty Tam Dao can attract tourists and always serve the people, local people of Vinh Phuc.