Some very own cakes at Tet in Tuyen Quang Tuyen Quang has over 22 ethnic groups living together. Tet Tet, each people have different cultures, creating a wealth of cultural festivals, customs, cuisine very own.

See Cake

Baking pie is a traditional study of the indigenous peoples of the Lunar New Year. Cake making meticulous study, about half a month before the New Year should be, and sisters in the family bakery Tay together. Rice cakes chosen study is delicious sticky rice, all sheets are sorted and rinsed spontaneous. To see that bread is soft, fat must be mixed with a little water and boil, then pour into fried rice for flavor, as is gold. Rice are roasted, ground into powder, lined with banana leaves incubated for 3 to 5 days or possibly up to 7 days, 15 days. For as long as until soft dough, cake will taste better. After incubation was mixed powder diameter, corresponding to 1 kg flour 1 kg sugar. Can crushed sugar, smooth or with a little boiling water to cool and mix with flour, until you have soft dough and cotton. Finally, mold the dough into a long rectangle about a dozen stools, a thickness of 4-5 cm tightly, wrapped in blue paper, red, purple, gold beautifully. Cake study is satisfactory eating sweet, fat, bread does not break.


Compared to the study of Tay-wheel then your wheel of Cao Lan people do a lot simpler. Washed glutinous rice, soaked and then ground into flour. Every 2 kg of powder mixed with 1 kg molasses, knead all (to get molasses tasty, quality, past, most families Cao Lan ethnic cane is grown for pressing and cooking molasses). Mix flour and honey finish, are divided into small fruits, for persons such as green beans cooked mix some sugar, lard, coconut … on each fruit, wrapped with banana leaves then brought boiling. Previously, Cao Lan ethnic baking secret only to burn incense. Today, many families retain culture, but have family back spikes instead of bread baking secret. Cake was burning incense in part, the rest to invite guests and make gifts for family, children. 

Cake Nang

As rice cake cake she was indispensable in the Lunar New Year of Dao people. This cake but many other people do on holidays in the year but for the Dao, cakes ability to present profound gratitude to the ancestors, grandparents, parents. Raw materials are glutinous rice cakes she was soaked with water ash. Nang delicious cake or not depends mainly on the ashes. Crops such as grapefruit, plum trees, oil plants … and some other plants on the forest looking for her children, until burned to ashes. For a bowl of speakers to take some wood ash and may only be 3 kg of rice. Ash soaked with water, then water in the great-grandchildren. Boil water, and let it pour lukewarm water with rice to soak for several hours before bringing the package. Bamboo leaves tomorrow, leaves or leaves scattered lines can be used wheel package. But scattered leaves her as the most delicious cake package. Package cake is done, take boiled as long as possible, at least 5 hours. Severe yellow cake as honey, strong-tasting, cool, eating dots with molasses or sugar.