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Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is about preventing and/ or minimizing negative impacts on the environment, local community and economy of the destinations travelers are visiting. While travelers strive to ensure that their holiday will be stimulating, relaxing and exciting, travelers also strive so that the host destinations benefits from their travelling.
Responsible Travel
Paradise Travel team strives to be an active player in environmental protection, sustainability and community-based tourism development.
We recognize that the tourism industry impacts local communities and the environment, therefore, as a tour operator, we must manage the impacts we create in the way we operate our business.
We ensure our products / services and business operations are:
- of low impact on natural resources
- respectful and observant of local customs
- supportive of local economies
Here are some of the things you can do while you are traveling that we believe can positively benefit you, your fellow travelers, the environment and the culture of host communities you visit. (And thank you in advance for every time you do these!)
* Wearing / Snapping: Be sensitive to the local culture by wearing clothing that is accepted. Be aware of people's sensitivity to being photographed; always ask first;
* Respecting different culture: Remember that you are a visitor and therefore be aware that your cultural values may be different from those of the locals. This may include different concepts of time, personal space, communication etc. which are not wrong or inferior, just different;
* Caring for the local living: Use local transportation, guides, inns, restaurants and markets to benefit the local economy;
* Conserving resources: Minimize your shower time so that water resources are used sparingly; Keep your use of towels and linen to a minimum; Turn off lights when not in room, turn off the TV when no one is watching it... Air-conditioning is a huge energy user, so - most importantly - do not use air-conditioning unless you need to;
* Respecting the responsible travel codes: follow environmental guidelines for limiting and improving tourist impact on the environment and local culture. General guidelines involve staying on trails, maintaining set distances away from wildlife, and not removing any objects, plants or animal products from nature…
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