Laos car rental with driver

Laos car rental with driver for travel, business purposes in Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Pakse and all other cities in Laos. We have different types of private cars for hire to fit small, big group or family

Laos car rental with driver

Laos car rental

Besides operating cars for tours in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, Paradise Travel offers almost all types of cars for rent for tour or business trip to these countries.

Hire a car with driver and explore Laos yourselves is amazing. Paradise Travel offers almost all types of cars for rent for your tour or business trip in Laos.


Car rental with driver in Laos

Basic routes/ car with driver rental prices in Laos:


Route/ PriceStarex H1
(2-4 pax)
(5-8 pax)
24 seat30 seat45 seat
Luang Prang Airport pick up/ see off                  20.00                  30.00                      50.00                     60.00                      70.00
Vientiane Airport pick up/ see off                  30.00                  40.00                      60.00                     70.00                      90.00
Luang Prabang – Vang Vieng 1 way               250.00               280.00                   520.00                   630.00                    730.00
Vientiane – Vang Vieng 1 way               160.00               280.00                   350.00                   440.00                    520.00
Vientiane – Luang Prabang 1 way/ 2 days               370.00               410.00                   670.00                   880.00                    990.00
Half day Luang Prabang City tour                  35.00                  40.00 not applicable not applicable not applicable
Full day Luang Prabang City tour                  40.00                  60.00 not applicable not applicable not applicable
Luang Prabang – Pak Ou Cave 1 day                  50.00                  70.00                   120.00                   180.00                    210.00
Luang Prabang – Khangsi Waterfall                  50.00                  70.00                   120.00                   180.00                    210.00
Vientiane City tour                  50.00                  60.00                   120.00                   180.00                    210.00
Luang Prabang – Nongkhaiw 1 way               210.00               240.00                   320.00                   390.00                    430.00
Luang Prabang – Oudomxay 1 way               310.00               340.00                   520.00                   630.00                    740.00
Luang Prabang – Luang Namtha 1 way               350.00               380.00                   560.00                   670.00                    730.00
LPQ – Xiengkhuang 1 way               330.00               350.00                   560.00                   670.00                    730.00
Pakse – Ban Saphai – Pakse                  40.00                  50.00                      60.00                     70.00                    120.00
Pakse – Phou Asa – Pakse               100.00               130.00                   150.00                   180.00                    200.00
Pakse – Watphou – Pakse               100.00               130.00                   180.00                   200.00                    260.00
Pakse – Watphou – PouAsa – Pakse               210.00               230.00                   290.00                   320.00                    350.00
Pakse – Watphou – Oumoung – Pakse               190.00               230.00                   280.00                   300.00                    340.00
Pakse – Watphou – Khone Phapheng – Pakse               230.00               260.00                   310.00                   370.00                    500.00

Prices above are in USD, include car, driver, petrol, gas, toll fees, food and accommodations for driver…

Our prices above are for most popular routes from main cities to nearby tourist attractions. Check with us for car rental prices for any routes upon your traveling plan.


Our cars in Laos

Laos is a mountainous country, their roads among provinces are quite sloppy but the roads are good within cities.

Group of 3 or less passengers can use 4 seat Toyota HiLux (Pickup car), 5 seat Toyota Vios, Toyota Camry, 8 seat Toyota Innova, 8 seat Ford Everest


Hyundai Starex


Group of 4 or 5 passengers can use 8 seat Toyota Innova, 8 seat Ford Everest, 9 seat Toyota Hiace Limousine


Ford Everest in Laos


Group of 4 or 6 passengers can use 8 seat Toyota Innova, 8 seat Ford Everest, 9 seat Toyota Hiace Limousine, 15 seat Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter


Toyota Hiace Limousine in Laos


Our vehicles are of common brand names as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Ford… to higher VIP luxury cars as Mercedes, BMW. Our cars in Laos are almost within few years in use with all functions (air-con, seat belts) running well and are always maintained in good conditions.

Our drivers are well trained, experienced and have good interpersonal skills. Our drivers are not only there to drive but also to act as your assistant for any matters that required attention. With our cars, you will be always feeling Safe and Comfortable.

Our sales are always available to support during your car rental trip; travellers can use our driver mobile phone to contact our tour operator anytime during the trip.


We have suitable cars for family with baby seat, careful and kid friendly drivers

Normally, we offer car rental price according to tourist’s travel plan: places to visit and time to use car. If you are not sure about places to visit or if you prefer a totally ‘free’ trip, we can also offer ‘day by day’ quotations. Our sales are helpful with checking hotels/ restaurants or other related information upon requests.

We strongly suggest that travelers should hire a tour guide for their trip and he/ she can help make your trip more interesting

From Laos, travelers can hire cars to visit nearby countries as Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar. But, a new car may be required at each country border gate


Laos car rental without driver

To hire a car without driver in Laos, travelers need a valid local driving license in Laos. We shall check and support if you need case by case.

We have car without driver for long term rental contract. Customers can use their own driver with this type of rental contract.