Selective Cambodia private tours for family and small group - Discover Kingdom of Wonders

Phnom Penh > Siem Reap > Kompong Kleang > Beng Mealea 6 Days/ 5 Nights
2 Reviews
Siem Reap > Angkor Thom > Bantey Srei and Grand Circuit > Floating Village 5 Days/ 4 Nights
Siem Reap > Phnom Penh > Sihanouk Ville > Ream National Park > Sampoch Island > Kep 10 Days/ 9 Nights
1 Reviews
Phnom Penh > Siem Reap > Floating Village 6 Days/ 5 Nights
4 Reviews
Phnom Penh > Battambang > Siem Reap > Kompong Thom > Sambor Prey Kuk > Kratie > Ratanakiri > Stung Treng 16 Days/ 15 Nights
Bangkok > Chiang Mai > Siem Reap > Hanoi > Halong Bay > Hoi An > Hue Saigon 18 Days/ 17 Nights
2 Reviews
Phnom Penh > Siem Reap 4 Days/ 3 Nights
Siem Reap > Sambor Prey Kuk > Kampong Cham > Kratie > Banlung > Senmonorom > Phnom Penh > Kep > Sihanouk Ville 20 Days/ 19 Nights
Hanoi > Halong > Hue > Danang > Hoian > Saigon > Mekong > Siem Reap > Tonle Sap Lake 14 Days/ 13 Nights
16 Reviews
Siem Reap > Phnom Penh > Saigon > Mekong > Danang > Hoi An > Hue > Hanoi > Halong 16 Days/ 15 Nights
Siem Reap - Duration: 5 Days/ 4 Nights
Siem Reap - Duration: 3 Days/ 2 Nights


  • Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Khmer Empire, is a spectacular Buddhist building that mesmerizes every tourist.
  • Angkor Wat, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, stands as the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia.
  • Visit the Tonle Sap floating market and enjoy delicious cuisine cooked by local people on boards. Some villages to visit are Chong Khneas, Kampong Phluk, Kampong Khleang and Kampong Luong.
  • Located on the banks of the Tonle Sap and Mekong River, Phnom Penh has been the national capital since French colonization of Cambodia. 17 kilometer from Phnom Penh, Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, where the horrific mass executions that took place, is worth visiting to understand a solemn period of time in Cambodian history.


  • The best time to visit Cambodia is from November to April when the rain is very little. Humidity and temperatures rise slightly between March and May.
  • The currency in Cambodia is riel. However, it is easier and cheaper for you to use US dollar since the locals will get more value from it than from riel. So bring US dollars along with riel.
  • A passport and visa are required for most visitors to Cambodia. Visa exemption exists for these countries: Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.
  • Cambodia is safe for tourists, but be careful of tuk tuk scams and protect your belongings.
  • Prepare for the humidity: wear appropriate clothes and bring extra water.

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General information about Cambodia travelers may need to know before your tour to the country.


General Information

Country name: Kingdom of Cambodia 

Capital: Phnom Penh

Population: 16 million (2017)

Ethnic group: 6 minorities

Main language: Khmer

Currency: Riel (KHR)

Time zone: GMT +7

International dialing: +855

Why Choose Cambodia for Your Adventure in Southeast Asia?

Cambodia is a desirable travel destination in Asia thanks to its amazing wonders and spectacular landscapes. Besides textiles, tourism is the main industry in Cambodia. The government has spent a lot of funds improving the infrastructures and promoting the beauty of this country on social media. Over 10 years from 2007 to 2017, the number of tourists to this country had tripled from 2 million people in 2007 to 5.6 million people in 2017. The main tourist destinations of this country are Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, as well as many pristine beaches and islands in Southern Coast.

Best Time to Travel to Cambodia

There are two main seasons in Cambodia: rainy season (May to October) and dry season (November to March). Cambodia experiences a high level of rainfall in rainy seasons, and it is very sultry at the beginning of rainy seasons (March to May) when the temperature can reach 38 degrees Celcius.

The best time to visit Cambodia is from November to March. However, it is still fine if you travel to this country from June to October, since the rains are usually in the afternoon and will not affect your visit.

Religion in Cambodia

Cambodia is well-known as a peaceful Buddhist country. Theravada Buddhism, which is practiced by 95 percent of the population, is the predominant religion of this country. Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are practiced by the remainders.

Khmer complex religious sites in Cambodia such as the famous Angkor Wat are often visited by foreign travelers whenever coming to this country. You are all welcome to Buddhist temples, but there are some rules you have to follow: Dress conservatively, remove your hats, take off your shoes and do not talk loudly when entering a wat (a temple). Save your tank tops, sleeveless T-shirts and shorts for nightlife activities. Local people will appreciate it if you act respectfully at their sacred places.

Cambodia Public Holiday and Festivals

There are many public holidays, both memorial and religious events, in Cambodia. Some holidays are calculated based on traditional Khmer lunar calendar, so the dates are subjected to change yearly. Khmer New Year is the biggest holiday in Cambodia which usually falls in the middle of April. It marks the end of the harvest season in this country, and people can get a short break from their hard work. Local people usually decorate the altars, visit some temples and play traditional games during Khmer New Year.

Top events in Cambodia:

  • International New Year’s Eve: 1st January
  • Victory Day over Genocide: 7th January
  • Meakh Bochea Day: February
  • Khmer New Year Days: at the middle of April, last 3 days
  • International Labor Day: 1st May
  • Visak Bochea Day: April or May
  • Royal Plowing Ceremony: May
  • King Norodom Sihamoni’s Birthday: 13-15th May
  • Queen Monineath’s Birthday: 18th June
  • Pchum Ben Days: September or October, last 3 days
  • Constitutional Day: 24th September
  • Commemoration Day of King’s Father: 15th October
  • Paris Peace Agreement Day: 23rd October
  • Coronation Day of King Sihamoni: 29th October
  • Water Festival: October or November, last 3 days
  • National Independence Day: 9th November

There are a few things you should know when planning a trip to this ‘Kingdom of Wonders’:

Visa and Passport

It is required that your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of entry to Cambodia and you must have at least one blank visa page.

Cambodia visa exemption: Most countries in Southeast Asia are eligible for 2-week to 30-day visa-free entry to this country.

  • Brunei, Thailand: 14 days
  • Philippines: 21 days
  • Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore: 30 days

Cambodia tourist visa can be purchased at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports and some borders. It costs $30 for adults and free for kids under 12 years old for a 30-day stay. You need to carry a passport sized photo. This tourist visa is for single entry only, and you can renew it for an additional 30 days at a fee of $45. It is recommended that the fees are paid in US Dollar cash.

You can apply for e-visa as well. This option costs US $30 fee and $6 processing charge. It will take 3 days to process.



The official currency in Cambodia is Riel (KHR). However, US Dollar is widely accepted and you do not really need to carry local currency. You only need a small amount of riel to buy cheap things at local markets.

Credit/debit cards are accepted in hotels and restaurants. ATMs are available in many tourist destinations such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville. However, if you travel to some rural areas, have some cash in hand.


Phones, Wifi & Internet Service

Internet is accessible in hotels, restaurants, and café. However, if you travel to rural areas, purchase a data package. There are seven cell providers in Cambodia: Metfone, qb, Beeline, Cellcard/Mobitel, Smart, Excell, and CooTel. Metfone is the largest provider and it wins a 50% market share in this country.

You can buy a SIM card from any of those providers. It only cost $0.5 to $2 for a local SIM. You can find a SIM store anywhere around Cambodia’s major cities. If you intend to travel to some lesser-known areas, we advise you purchase a Metfone data package.


Getting around Cambodia

Taxis can be found in Phnom Penh, but not in the other part of this country. Renting a car in Cambodia will save you a lot of time to find transportation in this country.

Tuk tuks are widely used for a short distance. It usually costs $1 – $5, depending on the distance.

Taking a boat cruise is a common activity to do in Cambodia. Contact us for high-quality Cambodia cruises from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.

You can take a bus to anywhere in Cambodia at an affordable price. The most popular routes are Siem Reap to Phnom Penh ($6) and Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville ($5).

Located in exotic Southeast Asia, Cambodia can be distinguished itself from other countries by its UNESCO heritage site Angkor Wat. This country is praised by the name ‘the Kingdom of Wonders’ and a trip to Cambodia is like a journey to its tumultuous past. Not only is the history a highlight of Cambodia, but idyllic landscapes, romantic beaches and magnificent mountains are also worth spending time. Dominated by Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake, this country is a dreamland for those who are interested in natural biodiversity.

Phnom Penh – Where to learn about Khmer history

Royal Palace - Phnom Penh

As the ‘Pearl of Asia’, this capital city is a combination of French colonial mansions and tree-lined boulevards amidst monumental Angkorian architecture. Phnom Penh features many temples, historical sites and museums for tourists to discover its tragic yet splendid past. Two must-go attractions in Phnom Penh are the Royal Palace and the Killing Field Choeung Ek. This city has set up a modern system of restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs so that tourists can enjoy their time in this city. Phnom Penh’s chaotic streets, bustling life and wholehearted people are unforgettable memories to travelers when visiting this city.



Siem Reap – Discover solemn Khmer architecture

Angkor Wat

Whenever you think about Siem Reap, Angkor Wat will be the first thing that comes up on your mind. Angkor Wat is the highlight of every visit to Cambodia. With its five lotus-like towers rising 65 meters into the sky, it is truly a monumental, and awe-inspiring sight. Inside Angkor Archaeological Park, there is the last capital of Khmer empire, Angkor Thom. Angkor Thom is famous for its Bayon temples which are noted for giant stone faces at the entrance. A boat trip to Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, is also an interesting activity to discover bird sanctuaries and local life in floating villages.



Sihanoukville – Enjoy beautiful and pristine beaches


Located in the south of Cambodia, Sihanoukville is the port city of this country. This city is praised for its palm-shaped white sand and clean beaches which are suitable for sunbathing, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. With a laid-back atmosphere, Sihanoukville is rapidly a popular destination for those who want to get away from cities and spend some days for relaxation. Famous beaches include Victory Beach, Serendipity Beach (has many hotels and resorts), Ream Beach (suitable for trekking), Ochheuteal Beach and Independence Beach.




Kampot – A laid-back attraction

Bokor National Park

Kampot is a place for those who seek for a chilled out atmosphere where you can visit local markets, fishing villages and unique pepper farms. Kampot Province is well-known for Bokor National Park which takes one or two hours’ driving. Used to be an abandoned French hill station, Bokor National Park is now suitable for trekking trips to mighty mountains and waterfalls and seeing the ruins of many palaces which were once used by French officers to get away from the sultry weather of Cambodia.



Kep – A new beach destination

Koh Tonsay

Kep is one of the newest provinces in Cambodia. Despite being the smallest province of this country, Kep has become one of the busiest holiday spots, especially during hot summers. Kep is the home to numerous resorts, hotels, homestays and restaurants. The main attractions in Kep are beautiful beaches, pristine national park and fresh seafood. 25 minutes away from Kep by boats, Koh Tonsay or Rabbit Island in English is a gem of coastal Cambodia and attracts thousands of travelers every year.

From religious pilgrimage, historical discovery and cultural exploration to beach vacations and fantastic cruises, Cambodia is an awe-inspiring destination for your trip to Indochina.

Discover Angkor Wat – one of the world’s most spectacular temple complexes

Whenever you think about Siem Reap, Angkor Wat will be the first thing that comes up on your mind. Angkor Wat is the highlight of every visit to Cambodia with classic Khmer architecture using sandstone. Built on a site of 1.6 million meters, Angkor Wat was originally a Hindu center of worship in the 12th century and then transformed into a Buddhist site. With its five lotus-like towers rising 65 meters into the sky, it is truly a monumental, and awe-inspiring sight. You can discover more ruins of this site in Angkor Archaeological Park.



Learn about Cambodian history in Phnom Penh

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

With the system of temples, museums and royal architecture, Phnom Penh is the best place for tourists to learn about the history of this country. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21 Prison) and the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek in Phnom Penh are two must-visit sites where you can see the traumatic genocide under Khmer Rouge reign. Led by Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge had killed and starved two million people from 1975 to 1979. Over 14,000 prisoners were inhumanely tortured in Tuol Sleng before being sent to the Killing Fields. Choeung Ek is now served as a memorial site with a Buddhist stupa containing 8000 human skulls.



Spend time on some romantic beaches


Cambodia is famous with numerous pristine beaches and islands which are currently not affected by mass tourism. Those places are a perfect getaway from bustling cities and stressful workplace. You can immerse yourself in sunshine, cool water, snorkeling, kayaking and even just sunbathing on the shores. Sihanoukville is the recommended destination for first-time travelers to Cambodia. There are five beaches in the city and two islands (Koh Rong and Koh Russei) here, which are abundant for a beach vacation. For an off-the-beaten-track option, Kep is where you can enjoy the most tranquil atmosphere.



Trek through spectacular trails

Cardamom Mountains

If you are seeking a trekking destination in Southeast Asia, head to Cambodia. This country is filled with rugged mountains, winding rivers, spectacular waterfalls, and emerald rice paddies. Tropical rainforests in this country are abundant with the diverse number of rare plants, flowers and wild animals. The infrastructure in Cambodia is still developing, thus, the trails will be quite a challenge for even the most avid trekkers or hikers. Some popular spots for trekking in Cambodia are Kulen Mountain in Siem Reap, Kalai Jungle in Ban Lung, and Cardamom Mountains in Koh Rong Province.



Relax on a cruise

Tonle Sap

Surrounded by Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake, taking a cruise is a stimulating activity to do in Cambodia. You can take a tour to some floating villages, take some photos of stilted houses, discover local life and sample some foods on boats. Watching sunset on the deck is the best way to complete your cruise. You can start your cruise trip from either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Contact us for high-quality Cambodia Cruises.

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