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5 Ideas to ‘go green’ on St Patrick’s Day in Vietnam

It’s Sunday, and it’s St. Patrick’s Day…. What an excuse for a night out! These are five ideas to enjoy a perfect…

Beautiful Vietnam

Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020: Things to Know and What to Prepare

For adventure lovers and sports enthusiasts, April 2020 is the best time to travel to Hanoi since the capital city will host…

Beautiful Vietnam

Hanging out around Hanoi like Kim and Trump: 7 Things to Do on a ‘Trump-Kim Hanoi Summit Tour’

President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un are holding their second meeting in Hanoi on February 27th and 28th,…

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Vietnam Table Manners & Traditions: 10 Tips on Dining in Vietnam

In Vietnamese culture, dinner is the most important meal for every family member to gather together and share about their days to…

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Halong Bay Facts and Figures: Tips, Advice & Warnings 2019

Are you preparing a cruise trip on Ha Long Bay? Read this article to prepare an unforgettable journey to one of the…

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Top 10 Places to Spend your Christmas in Vietnam 2018

Whether you travel solo or with family, here are some recommendations for planning your perfect Christmas in Vietnam. Get excited for the…

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9 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste When Traveling to Vietnam

The concept of sustainable and ethical travel is popular in recent years since it is proved that travel does more harm than…

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Internship in Vietnam with Paradise Travel

Paradise Travel is an address for English and French students who are looking for Internship in Vietnam. Established in 2005, Paradise TravelTM…

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10 Best Places to Visit in China

Here are 10 best places to visit in China. Don’t forget to include these attractions in your itinerary to this mesmerizing and…

Beautiful Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Risks: Dangers, Safety and Warnings

Generally speaking, Vietnam is a safe country to visit whether it is a solo female traveler or a family holiday with children….

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Free and Easy Vietnam Tour – a Wallet-friendly Trend to Travel to Vietnam

As a new travel trend, Free and Easy Vietnam Tour is an indelible and cost-effective way to discover our country. The S-shaped…

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Vietnam Paradise Travel FAM Trip

Paradise Travel organizes Vietnam familiarization (FAM) trips every year. Our FAM trips aim at introducing Vietnam’s landscapes, our colleagues/ partners’s travel services…