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Vietnam Itinerary ideas

5 days in Vietnam

There are different options for 5 days in Vietnam. You cannot visit the whole country but can discover each part of the country. We suggest some itineraries for the North, the Central or the South with this short time in Vietnam more»

7 days in Vietnam

7 days in Vietnam: Where to go ? What are the itineraries ? We are pleased to share options to visit particular parts of the country or quick travel throughout Vietnam with most famous travel destination from Hanoi, the North or Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon - the South more»

9 days in Vietnam

9 days are fine to discover the highlights of Vietnam. We suggest some across Vietnam tour itineraries for travelers who visit Vietnam for the first time and some other regional tour itineraries which are good for those who are interested in discovering more with each part of the country. more»

11 or 12 days in Vietnam

11 days or 12 days in Vietnam is suitable to have good itineraries to visit almost all highlights of the country. You can start from Hanoi and end the trip in Ho Chi Minh City or vice verse. You can also add a part of Cambodia or Laos in this period of time more»

6 days in Vietnam

What to do in 6 days in Vietnam ? Travelers can spend the whole time in a part or combine some parts of the country. Check out our 6 days in Vietnam tour itineraries with starting point in Hanoi, Da Nang or Saigon as well as possible budget more»

4 days in Vietnam

If you are traveling to Vietnam for a business trip and have 3 or 4 days for tours or planning to spend such time in Vietnam and combine with nearby countries, there are some options for each part of the country: Hanoi in the North, Da Nang, Hoian, Hue in the Center or Saigon, Mekong delta in the... more»

8 days in Vietnam

8 days are fine for a tour program in Vietnam. With this time, travelers can visit certain parts of the country or take a quick trip to all Vietnam famous travel destinations. more»

10 days in Vietnam

Here we share our ideas for 10 days in Vietnam: Where go, what to see and how much to spend with tour itineraries to visit the country from Hanoi to Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City or vice versa. With 10 days, travelers can also combine Vietnam with Laos, Cambodia or other nearby countries. more»

13 or 14 days in Vietnam, Cambodia

13 days or 14 days are suitable time to Vietnam and Cambodia. You can start the tour from either Vietnam or Cambodia with their 4 main international airports. Here we show most suitable itineraries to visit the 2 countries in 2 weeks more»

15 or 16 day tours to Vietnam Cambodia

Check our ideas for 15 days or 16 day travel packages to Vietnam and Cambodia. Different itineraries with different start points and interests. Let us know your demands and we will be back to you with most suitable programs more»

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