Flights from Nha Trang

To book flight ticket we need following informations: Full name (as in passport), Gender, Date of birth, Passport number (Day of Services: 1=Mon; 2=Tue; 3=Wed; 4=Thu; 5=Fri; 6=Sat; 7=Sun)
Flight InformationSingle Ticket (US$)Return Ticket (US$)
Flight FromFlight ToCarriersDaysTimeEconomyBusinessEconomyBusiness
NhatrangHanoiVN AirlinesDaily Daily Daily Daily08:40 13:50 19:00 20:45140230280460
NhatrangDanangVN AirlinesDaily Daily08:05 12:2595N/A190N/A
NhatrangSaigonVN AirlinesDaily Daily Daily Daily07:45 09:30 16:25 21:5070105140210
Notes: For air ticket booking, we need passenger Full name and sex (Name as in passport), Route (departure/ arrival airports), Date (preferable time) Day of service: 1=Mon; 2=Tue; 3=Wed; 4=Thu; 5=Fri; 6=Sat; 7=Sun.