Hue – the ancient citadel of Viet Nam is famous for its stunning view of the Huong River, the royal tombs along with an excellent museum, and the numerous ruins exists in many Vietnamese songs and poems as well as the poetry land.

Visiting Hue, tourists not only have chance to discover exotic culture and history (Imperial City, Forbidden Purple City, and Inner City are the Citadels) but also have chance to enjoy one of the best Vietnamese foods. Among of thousands food cooked by Hue’s style, there is a dish that all the people from the King to the residents and tourists love. It is called Mussel Rice in Huong River (Com Hen Song Huong).


Mussel Rice in Huong River


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Mussel Rice in Huong River is one of the most simple and low priced dishes in Hue. This dish is the combination of recipe from sweet, salty, bitter, buttery, sour and spicy flavors. A serving of this special kind of food offers simplicity and deliciousness. Mussel Rice in Huong River has its own sweet-smelling flavors. People really enjoy the flavors of rice, onion, and oil, as well as strange tastes of sweet, buttery, salty, sour, bitter, and peppery-hot when eating the original of this food in Hen river-islet of the Huong River.


Mussel Rice in Huong River


However, tourists can enjoy Mussel Rice in Huong River on some streets in Hue city, especially from the street vendors. Early in the morning, hundreds of the street vendors start from Ngoc Anh, Nam Pho Street to Vi Da, Dap Da, and others…The old in Hue say that long time ago, all the people who served Mussel Rice wore Ao Dai. Today, this tradition no longer exists. Nowadays, everywhere in Hue, diners are served this kind of food in every Hue restaurants. It is always cheap and unique specialty not only served by venturing to mobile shops on the streets but also in luxurious restaurants in Hue.


Mussel Rice in Huong River


Mussel Rice in Huong River (Com Hen Song Huong) has its own deliciousness because it requires 15 different raw materials, including mussels, rice, dry pancake, banana flower, banana trunk, oil, white sesame, peanuts, salted shredded meat, spicy vegetables, chili sauce, salad, peppermint, etc. Hue people still use the ancient recipe to cook Mussel Rice in Huong River; therefore, it brings the traditional flavor of Hue’ soul. Chili is indispensable in a delicious bowl of Mussel Rice. The Hue is getting used to eating every dish with chili due to the balance of Yin and Yang.


Mussel Rice in Huong River


Many customers from different classes are always attracted by Mussel Rice in Huong River because of its taste and its main ingredient – mussel. Mussels – a sea species is the factor makes Mussel Rice (a very simple and economical kind of food) become popular. Moreover, Mussel Rice in Huong River somehow expresses the soul, the heart and the appreciation of the makers to their traditional food as well as their customers.


Mussel Rice in Huong River


Every components to cook Mussel Rice is harmony and not really simple. It includes a dozen kinds of fresh and sweet spices. Mussel Rice is royal specialty. Hue people usually have Mussel Rice for their breakfast. Similarly as Hue cuisine as well as Vietnamese cuisine, Mussel Rice is always in the minds of people not only have lived in Hue but also visited Hue. All the international tourists who travelled in Vietnam appreciate that Com hen is very delicious and special. Mussel Rice is listed in the must – not – miss in Vietnam tours of every tourists.



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