Ha Noi is one of the most ideal places not only for Coffee-holics but also for those who love Rustic style, for its hundreds of rustic coffee shops around the city.

Here are 4 best rustic coffee shops in the capital city that you should definitely drop in when visiting Ha Noi.

1. Ha Noi Social Club


Hanoi social club

Ha Noi Social Club

Located in a quiet alley on Hoi Vu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Social Club is a great spot with different rustic designed rooms. It’s a good place to get some work done or just enjoy a coffee with friends. The shop is recommended by many foreign visitors for its live music shows that feature Vietnamese and foreign artists every week.

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Live music in Hanoi social club

2. Loading T

Loading T, a beautiful and cozy space, is the second floor of an ancient house on Chan Cam Street in Hoan Kiem District and amid the tall houses with French colonial architecture. As one of the most charming places in Ha Noi, Loading T is loved for its egg coffee, teas, smoothies and cakes.

Loading T coffee

Loading T

3. Dinh Coffee

Dinh Coffee is located upstairs of a two stores old French villa. To reach the shop, first you have to go through a shop selling bags then an old staircase.


Dinh Coffee

Dinh Coffee


Inside Dinh coffee is a small ancient rustic space. The narrow balcony outside looking over the Hoan Kiem Lake is usually packed. Not only famous for its beautiful and unique look, Dinh Coffee is also known as its egg-coffee. It is a blend of coffee and egg whites, folded with sugar and drunk hot or cold, and thus was a perfect alternative to capuccino given the limited milk supplies at the time. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the beauty of the nearby Hoan Kiem Lake.

The lovely balcony outside Dinh Coffee

4. Ha Noi House


Hanoi House Coffee

Ha Noi House

Located in the alley on Ly Quoc Su, Hanoi House has become a popular destination for visitors near and far. Go outside through the French wooden door and you’ll find one of Hanoi’s most intimate outdoor spaces. This tiny balcony is a lovely space from which to look across at St Joseph’s church or peer down at the square in front. The pretty antique shop space will make you feel like you are slowing down and you can squeeze yourself into some small private comfortable corners.

Hanoi House Coffee

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