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General Information

Authentic Mekong  sampan is designed according to the traditional sampans which have navigated on the  Mekong  flows.  Long  of  23.0  m and wide of 4 m , made of ‘’Sao’’ wood, a variety of oak, very resistant to water,  well appreciated by people who spend all their life working and living  on water.

For  a  pleasant  and  long  cruise  in  comfortable  conditions,  the  sampan  is  equiped  with  a  well ventilated compartment which could be used as a diner room as well as bedroom with couchettes available for group of 2 to  16 persons maximum; besides one kitchen,  couchettes with showers, one terrace on the deck, a five- person- crew included the captain, one mechanic, the chief cook, one sailor and one guide, are at  your service . Passengers on Authentic Mekong  will be amazed and integrated in their discovery of landscapes, of local daily life,  of smiling  and  open  hearted  people  of the Delta  and  of  aquatic life anywhere they  go with  the sampan.

Cruising with Authentic Mekong

Authentic Mekong allows a wide range of routes throughout the Delta, as it can sail on waterways usually  inaccessible  to  most  cruising  boats.  It  perfectly  lends  itself  to  tailor-made  journeys,  in accordance with travelers’ wishes or for special occasions. On board Authentic Mekong passengers get  a  genuine  insight  into  the  Delta.  Cruises  result  from  a  spacious  setting  of  a  river  barge inspired  in  tradition  and  an  authentic  way  of  exploring  the  Mekong  Delta.  Authentic  Mekong brings you upclose this unique natural environment and gives you a glimpse at the lives of local people. An enchanting voyage in strict privacy immersed in the life of an exceptional river.

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