For breakfast and lunch, you can come to the First Floor, section B, Da Lat Market. The stands here provide every dish: rice, rice noodle soup, vermicelli, rice soup, Chinese noodle, fine vermicelli, lemma pudding, sweet soup, which are served till evening. Suppers are available at the Market of Hades on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, or on the link between Truong Cong Dinh and Tang Bat Ho Streets. For simple but delicious foods, you can enjoy noodle in Anh Sang Hamlet, grilled shrimp-pastry at Nha Lang Slope (Nguyen Bieu Street, linking Truong Cong Dinh Street to Phan Dinh Phung Street), orrice spaghetti soup on Nha Chung Street, Xuan An Section.

In the evening, when in need of a cup of warm coffee, you can go to the inns along Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, or to those scattered around Hoa Binh Area, 3 Thang 2 Street. On the side of Xuan Huong Lake, there are Thanh Thuy and Thuy Ta Restaurants, farther are the garden coffee shops on Tran Phu and Hung Vuong Streets.

4n the chilly cold of the highland, you will find nothing more interesting than to take something really hot.

Da Lat soymilk has the tasty greasiness ofwholly~ground, not mixed soybean.

In the evening, at the Market of Hades and on a section by the side of Xuan Huong Lake are outdoor soymilk shops attracting many tourists. At some corner of the market of Hades is sold the steamed glutinous rice by an old women, each time the cover is opened, hot steam comes out like the fog in Da Lat.

Da Lat sweet soup is also cooked thick and served hot. You can enjoy here the white bean and coconut milk sweet soup, or sweet soups of broad bean, peanut and corn. ..After that, may be a cup of hot coffee full of highland fragrance in some small cozy shop.

You also can taste a dried cuttlefish just grilled in stove, or chew some crisp and hot roasted peanuts, or enjoy some grilled ears of corn brushed with fat and onion and heat penetrating into your teeth!

Dalat has countless restaurants to serve the diverse visitors, from all walks of life and origins, with offerings ranging from Local Lamdong province, Dalat food, to central and southern Vietnamese dishes and a fair number of Western and French inspired eateries, bars and restaurants, serving every budget and aspirations.

  • Backpackers Tourists’ Cafe’ 61- 3 thang 2 Street, F 1, Dalat. TEL: 0903640643

It is an amazing place, good food and cheap price with very nice decoration. The staff speak good English and you can get more information for the area around Dalat.

  • Nhat Lien

17 Huynh Thuc Khang, P.4, Da Lat. TEL: 063 382 1126 (or +84 63 382 1126      ). EMAIL: Open until 9PM. Vegetarian restaurant. There are three vegetarian restaurants in Da Lat, and this is probably the best one. They serve primarily Vietnamese food, but the menu does have some English. The servers don’t speak much English but the owner does and he is happy to help you out. There are two dinning area, the older original cafe area and the newer classy section. They sometimes have live music. They are located on the same street as the Crazy House (see things to do above), just walk 5 min west of Crazy House until you see their big green sign and some statues out front. Quality food and service.

  • Art Cafe (Wine Bar/Fine Dining/Live Music)

76 Truong Cong Dinh Street (On the main tourist street in Da Lat), Tel +84-63-355-5299       ( The Art Café features Vietnamese and International dishes which are lovingly prepared from the freshest, carefully-selected, local ingredients available. Staying true to it’s name, the Art Café is also the center for local artistic events such as live music acts, group painting sessions, movie nights, team dining extravaganzas, etc. so be sure to check with the cafe to see what offerings are scheduled. And, as they say at the Art Café: Life is Art. Enjoy!

  • V Cafe

1/1 Bui Thi Xuan, Dalat, Tel (84) (63) 352 0215 Open daily from 7:00 to 22:30. V Cafe is the home of great food and live music in Da Lat. Boasting a unique and fun east meets west atmosphere, excellent service, a large and diverse menu of international dishes, and regularly hosting the best live music in town. There is something for everybody at V Cafe.

  • Dalat (Central) Market / Chợ Đà Lạt, center of town. Open daily until early evening. Given its breadbasket status, Dalat’s Central Market place is the best place in town to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Near the entrance, there is a lively and always busy vegetable restaurant that serves excellent soups. A tiny vegetarian food stall is in a corner of the second level.