Lijiang Food is the perfect fusion of Han culture and Tibetan cuisine. With abundant sources agricultural products, Naxi people in Lijiang have developed their own local cuisine. Sanwen Fish, Chickpeas Bean Jelly, Lijiang Stuffed Bun and Naxi Hot Pot are must-try dishes in your Lijiang trip.

Naxi Hot Pot

Hot Pot is the favorite dish of local people in winter. It is spicy and spicy yet highly nutritious. Naxi hot pot is rich in calorie, protein and vitamin which will keep you warm all day long. You can have a variety of options for meat in this dish: mutton, goat meat, pork or beef. Moreover, a lot of fresh green vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and tofu are featured in the hot pot. Besides, ginger is a must-have ingredient.

Lijiang Black Goat Hot Pot

Black Goat Hot Pot and Salted Pork Ribs Hot Pot are the two most popular hot pot dishes in Lijiang. Black Goat Hot Pot used local black goats which are raised in the mountains, thus the meat is lean, juicy and contains less fat. The broth of this food features many kinds of herbals and spices, which will feast your taste buds.

Sanwen fish

Raised in the glacial meltwater from snow-capped mountain ranges, Sanwen fish is the local specialty of Yunnan. This is a cold-water fish which is lean, tender and savory.

Lijiang Stuffed Bun (Ba Ba)

Lijiang Stuffed Bun is a famous local traditional snack. There are two kinds of Stuffed Bun: salty and sweet bun. This food has an appealing golden color, crispy taste and fragrant smell. It is a perfect gift for your friends and relatives as Lijiang Stuffed Bun can be preserved for a long time. You just have to steam or fry it slightly when returning home. This food is widely available in local stores around Lijiang.

Local wheat is the main ingredient in this food. The wheat flour is mixed with water, added some plant oil and rolled into cylinder-shape pieces. Sesame, walnut kernel and other seasonings are added, and then the buns are baked to create a golden-yellow color.

Chickpeas Bean Jelly (Ji Dou Liang Fen)

Chickpea is the local special kind of soybean. It looks like the eyes of the chicken, hence the name. Chickpeas are ground into powder, boiled until it turns white and then poured in different containers. Chickpeas Bean Jelly is served either hot or cold. It can be mixed with mustard, red pepper, vinegar, green onions, and other seasonings to create a cold dish. If you prefer something hot, the fried jelly will satisfy you.

Most famous restaurants in Lijiang

  • Amayi Naxi Meishi: near Stone Bridge, Wuyi Street, Gucheng District
  • Laodao Fang Sifang Cai: inside the lane near Great Stone Bridge, Gucheng District
  • Longji Banyu Zhuang: 12-15 middle section of Huama Street, Gucheng District
  • Qiuyue Ge Canba: 1 Jishan Lane, Xinyu Street, Gucheng District
  • Yi Canting: Near Great Stone Bridge, Shuhe Ancient Town
  • Yongxia Xiaochi: 108 Zhongyi Wholesale Market, Gucheng District
  • Yuerong Zhuang Xi Canting: Yuerong Road, Shuhe Ancient Town