Best Restaurants:

There’s too many to mention. It’s hard to choose which ones to recommend. For western food try Hot Bread, Tony’s Place, Nan Steakhouse or the Dario Pizza restaurant.

For Thai food try Gormet (located right by the Nan river), Bor Nam, Poom 3 or ‘the glass house.’

For cheap but tasty traditional northern Thai food such as nam prik (northern Thai chilli paste), sai oowa (northern style spicy sausage) and gaeng haeng lai (northern style curry) and a nice atmosphere and friendly service try Zap II. 

For dessert lovers, the most amazing ice cream in town comes from Bar Min Ice cream restaurant.  Sweet red sticky rice, covered with traditional thai style coconut ice cream, and topped with hot chocolate sauce is just one of their specialities. 

Thai teenagers love to visit milkshake bars. They’re usually stylishly designed and sell cheap shakes and snacks. There are a couple in town but the nicest by miles is ‘The Milk Club.’ Order a milkshake and toast topped with anything from chocolate and coconut, to chinese style pork. Once you’ve finished eating take a look at the coke memorobilia, the photos and paintings on the wall and the upstairs gallery.

The Best’ bakery sells the best western style cakes around. Their new York cheesecake and banoffee pie can’t be beat, it really lives up to its name as the best bakery in town. 

In the last few years theres been an explosion of new coffee shops in town. Phu Payak and Phu Far (both selling locally grown Nan coffee) are the best. Muan Jai comes a close second.  

If you’re on a budget or just out to try something different there are food stalls in the morning market, that sell everything and anything from pre-packed cartons of curry and rice to fresh fruit. Try ‘joke’ – a thai style congee and ‘cafee boran’ hot Laos style coffee for breakfast.

Later in the day there’s ‘to rung’ night market, a street where almost every stall sells food. Deep fried insects, curries, pat thai noodles, BBQ chicken, rice soups, japanese sushi and fresh fruit are all on sale here. Several stalls will cook food to order. Just tell the cook what you would like, or point at a dish you like the look of and, a couple of minutes later a nice steaming hot plate of it will appear in front of you.