Long Huong bread soup

In Ba Ria town is two injections bread soup that actually have the opportunity to walk can not visit it on. It is customary at the junction of Long Huong Thuy and Huong Long soup cake shop in the town gates she Ria.Banh soup cook simple food that just rolls and security vacuum tubes for bone soups and sweet tasting spice medium mouth. Soups are clear but charming sweetness of bone and meat. Yarn made ​​of rice flour cake flour mixed and filtered to length white powder. Bread soup served with sprouts, parsley and other herbs. Select the type of dwarf bean sprouts, body fat just crispy, sweet cool again. Bread soup with 3 dishes for diners choose from: pork, lean and rods (rods that are more lean shinbone).

Russian-style barbecue

Many restaurant-style barbecue Russian processing, raw materials are pork, beef skewers grilled chicken … on fire using charcoal, the meat is seasoned in the traditional Russian style, in which the Vietnamese restaurant famous Russian restaurant , Park Bang at 37/4 Nguyen Thai Hoc.

Blood Soup shrimp

dish at the restaurant Hai Phuong (693-695 / road 30/4-f10) was named the title any damaged transmission. There are seven kinds of lobster, but this dish is a kind of dragon lobster, shrimp sparkling rainbow … a sharp knife, stabbed in neck at live shrimp to get more, do more shrimp farming is kind of shrimp from 700gr or more. Feeding a strange duck, shrimp meat shrimp soft horns and with more weight as seaweed, salty, tasted sweet, diners watch chefs perform display type duck shrimp at your desk.