Rice “Lam”: On the tourist route to West, tourists will enjoy the specialties from rice, rice grain mix Xiuli baked in fresh bamboo sticks or contracts. Rice cooked with aromatic rice blended with the natural aroma of fresh bamboo that visitors could hardly forget a highland dishes.

Grilled buffalo meat: Rectangular buffalo meat, to a, 0.5 cm thick marinated with spices and lotus seeds – one of the spices included in the Thai dishes. After the spices infuse the meat, cooked over charcoal. Cooked yellow and aromatic. When eating, tourists can enjoy the unique aroma of lotus seeds.

Rise 5 Color: Shining away in the west of Yen Bai is made from glutinous rice Xiuli. Rice is soaked with water squeezed from the leaves of plants with natural colors such as red, purple, yellow, green …, then brought on fire red map. When cooked sticky rice for export in Coong (a belongings of the ethnic Thai) or bear on the disk. Tourists will be fascinated by color, plastics and aromatic characteristics. This is the national dish is a tourist favorite.

Sticky chicken: The Thais have a saying “entertain surgery hens eat crab.” Here’s how to show respect, when each guest loved to play house. Chicken cut into small pieces, dill, basil forest vegetables, chili powder, salt …. then leaves lie, is packing for the security placed on the child away. This dish is usually to entertain you.

Wilting tomato shoots: The white and to the bamboo, he tastes are peeled, washed resourceful move along thin fibers, about 5 to 6 cm. Cement soaked in water jars from 20 to 25 days for a sour smell, then brought out to dry. Cook meat, poultry, fish …. very tasty. Ending a day of travel, guests can enjoy meals with the taste of the mountains.

Moss rocks buried coal: A type of moss often grows in streams where there are many rocks. After taking the rinse and squeeze out water. Then seasoned with spices such as lemongrass, ginger, lotus seed, chili powder on the foil package …. line and buried in coals. This is a strange dish, attracted learn and explore the culinary culture of the peoples of Yen Bai for tourists.

Grilled Ca (grilled fish streams): This is a fish found only in Van Chan – Nghia Lo. This fish lives in streams no fishy taste, is the signature dish of the people here. When you eat only eat grilled over hot coals and then see the taste of them. On each table of guests never run out of disk this delicious grilled fish.