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Motorbike Tours

Motorbike tours in Vietnam are more interesting with programs designed and operated by Paradise Travel. Beside off-road tours for adventure travel, we offer luxury motorbike tours with BMW, HONDA and other famous manufacturers.

We recently also run Hanoi scooter tours under Paloma brand name; This Vietnam Motorbike Tours in Hanoi is a combination of adventure trip and Vietnamese discovery tours, with this special tour you have chance to explore Hanoi in open air, tast local foods on streets, enjoy smells and sounds of the exciting capital city

Hanoi motorbike tour: Fabulous food and sightseeing - 5 hours

A motorbike tours around Hanoi Old Quarters is fantastic for its unique custom, foods... Experience these fabulous tastes and sights and enjoy the streets of Hanoi from the hidden Street Food Stalls, small local restaurants to West Lake

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58 $US
Hanoi motorbike tour: Fabulous food and sightseeingValue Guarantee

Hanoi on scooter at night - 4 hours

Night life in Hanoi has the unique beauty that nowhere in South East Asian has. At night, Hanoi takes on a totally different personality. The Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake are like a movie set in a never ending story. Street Markets and Food Stalls are at their best at night. This Paradise Travel’s Hanoi scooter tour will also take you out of the Old Quarter to the vast and amazing night time districts that tourist do not normally see. Our Hanoi Night Lights and Food Tour...

Price from
68 $US
Hanoi on scooter at nightValue Guarantee

Hanoi motorbike tour: Red River Village - 5 / 6 hours

The private Hanoi Red River Village motorbike tour is spectacular, from small to large traditional farm houses all of which host a range of animals from buffalo, pigs, chickens, ducks and more. The photo opportunities are endless, with farmers riding their buffalo and cart, amazing rice field landscapes with the city skyline in the distance and families with young children playing in the open areas

Price from
79 $US
Hanoi motorbike tour: Red River VillageValue Guarantee

Hanoi motorbike tour: Private Shopping & Food tour - 2 hours

Our Motorbike Tours can service your desire to organize the perfect Private Food & Shopping Tour to suit your personality and time requirements. Eating, shopping and exploring the hidden beauty of Hanoi will make your time in Hanoi memorable and live it like a local people.

Price from
60 $US
Hanoi motorbike tour: Private Shopping & Food tourValue Guarantee
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