Best-selling Hanoi Motorbike Tours 2018

Hanoi motorbike tour: Fabulous food and sightseeing

Hanoi City - Duration: 5 Hours
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Hanoi on scooter at night

Hanoi City - Duration: 4 Hours
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Hanoi motorbike tour: Red River Village

Hanoi City - Duration: 5 Hours
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Hanoi motorbike tour: Private Shopping & Food tour

Hanoi - Duration: 2 Hours
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  • Directly experience the city in open air, through its sound, smell, taste, and sight.
  • Chance to explore night life in Hanoi with its fairy-tale movie set and street markets and food stalls at their best.
  • Adventure to the countryside on motorbikes.


  • Depend on the location and the time of the year, wear enough warm clothes.
  • Do some research in advance about traffic in Vietnam.
  • Bring your camera with you since you would pass through many breathtaking sceneries or imposing landscapes.

Don’t let the planning stress you out, you’re at an exciting stage, standing at a frontier with adventure just waiting to be mapped out!
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All You Need to Know about Hanoi Motorbike Tours

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