A quick overview of Hanoi’s amazing street food

Hanoi, capital of Vietnam is also like a cultural center of this country, which people consider to be the heart and soul of the place. Hanoi even touts to be popular as the most ancient capital on earth. The city is bestowed with many monuments which have remained preserved through time and has verdant parks and museums to keep visitors busy for days. When undertaking a tour to Vietnam, visit Hanoi is like an obligatory step which any person must undertake, to get the actual essence of Vietnam. The French-colonial city, Hanoi has special attractions to keep tourists mesmerized including everything from handicrafts, lakes, multi-cultural society to cuisine that can just satisfy any taste bud craving for something delectable.

There’s no treat like the Hanoi street food

Hanoi Street Food

Hanoi is a paradise of street food, and a haven for all foodaholics. The city has dishes and food options that no person can find anywhere else in the country. Seeing the demand and popularity of Hanoi’ street food, many Hanoi street food tours are now being organized by many companies to ensure every tourist can eat till their heart’s content and without missing on any specialty. The road-side shops serving such dishes are not very extravagantly decorated and have minimalistic design and simple seating to help people enjoy and indulge in just one thing and that is ‘eating’.

The street food in Hanoi can be particularly enjoyed while strolling around the Old Quarter and nearby. It’s even said that when in Hanoi, it’s by the streets where all the food action is. Laden with meat butchers and fruit vendors, the person who cannot be just left from the list are the ‘bun cha’ farmers.

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Specialties on the Hanoi street food menu

Hanoi street food is available in an overwhelming variety. Here are some foods that managed to make it to the top of the list.

Fried/ steamed wheat flour cake

Made purely out of wheat flour, this dish is a perfect afternoon meal that can satisfy any soul and is best eaten with chili or sweet sauce.

Banana and Yam cake

These small-sized cakes are made out of banana, yam and flour which are fried before serving. Being fatty and oily, just 1-2 cakes are enough for even the hungry souls.

Grilled meat by stick

A special treat for kids, this one is a popular Hanoi street food, whose smell is enough to make any passing by, stop to indulge in at least one of these.

Pillow cake

Made from meat and quail egg, the dish is especially eaten during the winter months and is best accompanied with salad and sweet sauce.

Gio cake

Made from rice powder with stuffing of meat and black mushroom, the dish even with its name does not have any Gio inside it.

Fried food with stick

Especially seen in food stalls near schools, the food is popular among school students and pupils which can bring a smile on any tired face after school hours. There are many options available like fish, Nem Chua, hot dog, shrimp and more.

Fried cake

The two major types available are the sweet one with sugar and the meat and black mushroom one tasting salty. The sweet ones are made out of rice, peanut powder and sugar or honey.

Trung Vit Lon

Not a favorite among outsiders and tourists, these can be found on any Hang Rong shop for supper or breakfast, enjoyed with salt and ginger; this is babe duck cooked with eggs and is very nutritious.

Trung cut lon

Cooked with Quail eggs, and is made with sauce that is boiled and made out of salt, ginger, pepper and lemon juice.


Street food in Hanoi can be the ‘nice change’ that any foodie is searching for, while enjoying a scrumptious meal that very much fits into any budget. It’s often said by every person undertaking a city tour around Hanoi, that not having street food here is like really missing on something very important. The city, Hanoi is very much loaded for all those who are delighted by the thought of delicious food and it’s like the one thing anyone must do while on this earth, at least once!


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