Halong Bay is a place that can help in giving your senses a treat in your tour to Vietnam. The situate is bestowed with natural wonders that are breathtaking and dotted with 1600 limestone islands and islets covering 1500 square meter area. Halong is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s located 170 km from Hanoi. Mist-shrouded bay, emerald green waters, pictorial limestone caves and karsts towers covered in green are adjectives that can most beautifully explain the legendary beauty that this destination in Vietnam packs, which is enough to spark any person’s imagination. The biodiversity here seems amazing and the whimsical scenery that this place can offer any onlooker seems just mesmerizing. A visit to Halong Bay is a smart choice when travel to Vietnam and is surely going to be a trip of a lifetime for you and everyone along.

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Places you must visit when at Halong are

Sung Sot Cave at Bo Hon Island

The cave consists of two chambers, inner and outer. The formations in the inner chamber are brought to life with the light that gets reflected from the water.

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Floating Villages and Fish Farms

The Floating Villages are among the highlights of Halong and it’s a must-visit place on the itinerary of Halong to get surprised and mesmerized at the same time.

Dau Be Island

The rich treasure of coral and deep grottoes with three inland lakes have made this a popular spot for swimming and diving.

Dau Go Island

The Large and colorful cave with many stalagmites and stalactites, some of which are as high as 20 meters, have helped in adding to the popularity of these islands in Halong.

Pelican Cave at Bo Hon Island

Popular among tourists, the cave is particularly renowned for the spectacular stalactites that hang from its ceiling.

Virgin Cave at Bo Hon Island

Best known for the shrine, legends depict the suicide of a beautiful woman in these caves who was being forcefully married to an old Mandarin. It’s said that the shrine here has the body of this girl, buried by the fishermen who found the same.

Cat Ba Island

Touted to be the most popular tourist attraction of this place, it’s crowded with restaurants, bars and more such places where tourists can eat and enjoy till their heart’s content. The area is popularly known for fishing, which is the prime activity of locals in the area.

Activities you can indulge in, when at Halong

Halong is truly a paradise for beauty lovers and photographers who can find just endless rock formations that are all unique. Activities which any person can undertake when at Halong are fishing, cruising, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, trekking and cycling. Halong can truly be an ideal stop for all those who love adventure and activities. It can be a fun, frolic and active experience when at this place of Vietnam, which is going to be the most memorable one in any visitors’ life.

The nightlife at Halong Bay

Other than cruising, spending time at the waterfront can be a romantic and relaxing experience for any person. Not much enstore for those who love vibrancy, but the few places here can surely offer any being a night to remember for long.

Cruising in Halong Bay

Any person visiting Halong Bay can spend 1, 2 or 3 nights on a cruise or junk, which undoubtedly can offer the best scenic view of this landscape. There are many Halong Bay cruises options to choose from and most commonly on a 2 night cruise trip the places one can visit are the Titop Island and the Surprise Caves.

Why Halong again? 

Halong Bay in Vietnam is claimed to be the eighth wonder of this world and people who’ve been here consider the same to be the most remarkable natural beauty treasure in all of Vietnam. Tranquil waters at this place are ideal for cruising and relaxing completely. The breathtaking scenery here has been painted with mangrove forests, coral reefs, magical grottoes, sandy cover beaches and rock formations, which truly make this destination a must-visit place, at least once in life.

Getting to Halong is rather easy due to its well connectivity with most places in Vietnam and especially with Hanoi. Any visitor can reach Halong through a car and also via a one-hour Helicopter ride, mode can be chosen depending upon the budget and preferences.

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