If you are a vegetarian traveling to Hanoi, there will be a lot of choices for you to taste vegetarian cuisines in Hanoi. Hanoi is well- known not only for the best street food in the world, but also a great place for those who are vegetarians. Nowadays, more Hanoians choose vegetarian diet for their better health and to save the animal and the environment. Below are some most famous restaurants with variety of dishes for your enjoyment.

1. Loving Hut Restaurant – 192/4 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh district

This restaurant has become famous for its several types of mock meats, Chinese vegetable-based food and most especially, the vegan noodles. Another of the restaurant’s most selling dish is vegan gateaux cake, which has a very appetizing taste for those with a sweet tooth, but with no inclusion of eggs or milk, is totally vegan. If you’re a cake lover, but a committed vegan do not hesitate to come and try this special treat. The warm welcome from the staff and the medium to small size of the place will give you a cozy feel when coming to Loving Hut Restaurant.

Loving Hut restaurant

Delicious dishes in Loving Hut restaurant

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2. An Phuc Restaurant- 11/131, Thai Ha Street, Dong Da District.


Located in Thai Ha area, An Phuc is the perfect place for an excellent mock meat experience. The menu includes vegetable uses the freshest ingredients in the wide variety of choices, as well as ‘mock meat’ dishes, such as vegan shrimps, beef or pork. The staff at An Phuc are very friendly and wuick, and the restaurant has received some highly positive recommendations and good reviews on some local and international websites.

An Phuc restaurant

3. Ha Thanh Restaurant -116/166, Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District (near Kim Ma Theatre)


Ha Thanh is a relative new born in the vegan restaurant market. However, the restaurant already occupies a very high status among vegetarians.

It serves a wide range of foods and special offers closed to nature, space is tranquil and peaceful. In addition to common vegetarian food, the restaurant also offers hot pot options various in styles including Thailand hot pot, mushroom hot pot and mix hot pot with reasonable prices. The restaurant serves in a large space with friendly and professional staff. If you are thinking of holding a vegan party, Ha Thanh restaurant should definitely be your first choice.

Ha Thanh restaurant

4. Bo De Tam Restaurant- 89 Nguyen Khuyen, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Ha Noi


Bo De Tam- “The heart of Buddha” is a Buddhism-influent restaurant.  With friendly decoration of bamboo chairs and tables, this place is definitely one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi for its high quality dishes served at reasonable prices. The entire menu is about fresh vegetables, noodle soups and rice dishes. The menu changes a bit everyday and always please. Bo De also offers a very unique drink, named panda leaf tea, and which we recommend as must-try.

Bo De Tam restaurant

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