In early summer, streets in Hanoi are carpeted with purple color of elegant lagerstroemia flowers. For a long time, streets with lines of purple lagerstroemia trees have become popular with Hanoians. Its flowers appear in such a short period of time that some people may not have a chance to feel.

In its season, in Hang Bong, Kim Ma and streets around Sword Lake…, lagerstroemia flowers spread its purple all around the corner. You may just recognize that the street is somehow different from that of yesterday. Until you realize its blooming and color, the flower is fading. A short life of flowers!


The memories of schoolgirls ar forgetable with purple flowers.The little girl with braids of flowers

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A flower corner at the Cathedral


Lagerstroemia flowers spread over Sword Lake


Purple flowers bloom radiantly in Tho Nhuom - Hang Bong street


The familiar cornerbecomes strangeUnder the shadow of lagerstroemia flowers

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