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February 27th: C.D.C U.S. removed Vietnam from list of areas vulnerable to community spread of SARS-CoV-19

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C) on February 27 decided to remove Vietnam from the list of destinations vulnerable to community transmission of SARS-CoV-2. The decision was made during a teleconference between the Vietnamese Embassy in the U.S. and the U.S. Department of State, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the C.D.C.

See information at the C.D.C website

The figures of WHO and the Vietnamese Government on the disease epidemic in Vietnam show that the situation is not worrying:

Vietnam Tours 2020
Number of casesCuredNumber of deaths

The Government of Vietnam applies effective disease prevention measures:

  • Temporarily stop tourists from China.
  • Isolate at least 14 days people who travel from China, South Korea or affected areas.
  • Vietnam temporarily halts visa exemption for South Korea and from 12 March for Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain.

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) beginning from China had bad effects on all aspects of the world. Despite being close to China, Vietnam is NOT the center of the epidemic. Moreover, Vietnam has been in good control of this new virus. Therefore, if you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Vietnam now, here are all you need to know!

Is It Safe to Travel to Vietnam now?

At present, travelers should be informed that Europe is the center of epidemic. As a result, Vietnam is coming through complicated changes under that fact. Therefore, even though the COVID-19 situation is not serious in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government has been drastically implementing strict prevention measures against the epidemic. Consequently, travelers should consider postpone your travel to Vietnam at current time and reschedule another date to the second half of 2020 (from June 2020) when the countries have been able to fully control the epidemic.

Coronavirus: Is It Safe to Travel to Vietnam Now?

You should not worry to travel to Vietnam at the current time

Vietnam Has Developed An Effective Treatment Regimen and Sars-Cov-2 Detection Kit For COVID-19

Vietnam Has Successfully Controlled All Models of COVID-19 Affection

Among COVID-19 affected people in Vietnam, there were full types of patients. There are male and female patients; elderly patients; patients with blood pressure background; cardiovascular disease, diabetes and lung cancer cases; and children. Currently, there has been no specific medication for this virus in the world yet. Even though, after many successfully cured cases, Vietnam has developed an effective treatment regimen for COVID-19.

Effective Treatment Regimen for COVID-19 of Vietnam

With this disease, Vietnam had experiences of characteristics of previous SARS and emerging epidemics. So, Vietnam has continuously updated treatment guidelines from the very first days on January before this disease expanded. Until now, Vietnam has come off and implemented treatment guidelines for hospitals. Together with the regimen, Vietnam also offers specific treatment strategies. All from initial reception instructions, isolating patients to using drugs, fluids. Besides, Vietnam provides the most modern emergency equipment for patients.

Sars-Cov-2 Detection Kit With a Capacity of 10,000 Sets/ Day

Firstly, this biological kit is to detect new strain of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19). Secondly, the kit uses molecular biology techniques (RT-PCR and realtime RT-PCR). It is also produced on ISO 13485 standard line, Labo verifies ISO Class 8 standard. Thirdly, this kit was tested for sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and repeatability. The results showed that the criteria are equivalent to the biological kit produced by the C.D.C and the WHO. Accordingly, The Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology confirmed that the kit is recommended for detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Virus detection time is about 2 hours.

Vietnam Has Been Taking Strict, Effective Efforts and Actions to Prevent COVID-19 in Vietnam

1. Cancellation of all flights from and to China from 13:00 on February 1st and from and to South Korea until further notice.

2. 14-day quarantine for all cases having contact with people from the epidemic area (1) returning from China, (2) contacting with infected people and those at risk of COVID-19 infection.

3. Closure of overland border crossings between China and Vietnam.

4. Medical declaration and screening of all travelers before entry to Vietnam.

5. Strengthened disease screening at international points of entry.

6. 45 quick response medical teams set up to assist hospitals nationwide.

7. Four hospitals designated with more than 4,000 beds by Ministry of Defense to handle potential cases.

8. Cancellation of festivals and tourism activities countrywide until further notice.

9. Temporary closure of public schools in 63 provinces.

10. Recommendation to strictly follow standard prevention measures according to WHO. The most important thing is to wash hands frequently.

Economic Stimulus Policies of Vietnamese Government and Enterprises For Tourism

1. The Government will consider the possibility of fee waiver & simplification for visa procedures for tourists who travel to Vietnam in groups provided by international travel companies; as well as allowing visa issuance at border gates.

2. Assisting tourism enterprises in surveying and propagating tourism promotion in potential markets, new tourist markets, and markets not affected by the disease to serve tourism development after the epidemic is under control.

3. Service discount: Tourism enterprises have been applying:

  • Flexible pricing policies, forms of promotion, after-sales, and capital gain.
  • Discount combos from the accommodation, food to domestic and foreign tours; with discounts can be up to  30% compared to 2019.

Paradise Travel’s Policies and Guarantee for Customers

Firstly, Paradise Travel has our words that customers’ benefits and safety must be given the highest priority. Besides, we have been actively monitoring the situation. Secondly, accompanying the government, Paradise Travel provides these policies and guarantee to support travelers to Vietnam. One thing for sure is that we CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY! In cooperation with our Vietnamese service suppliers, we offer discounted prices for all our Vietnam tours:

  • Up to 30% discount for all tours booked after 20th February 2020 and depart before 30th September 2020.
  • Up to 15% discount for all tours booked after 20th February 2020 and depart after 30th September 2020 & before 31st December 2020.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Overview & Updates

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    1. Thank you for your comment.
      It is safe to travel to Vietnam now! However, while this is a positive sign, Vietnam’s borders remain closed to foreign visitors due to the pandemic and the Government has not made any official statement on when the borders will reopen. Therefore, we will continue updating the latest news and information on traveling to Vietnam so please stay tuned!

  1. Hello,
    Today is 5th June 2020 and my husband & I are planning to go to Vietnam on the 12th June.
    We both hold EU passports but have been in Southern CA since Feb 2020.
    Is Vietnam open now for tourists?
    Thank You.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      It cannot be denied that this is such a tough time for all of us fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Until now, Vietnam has this epidemic fully under control and is preparing to welcome foreign tourists visiting our country. However, despite the fact that it is safe to travel to Vietnam at present; there’s still no official information on opening tourism for international travelers. Therefore, we cannot tell anything for sure right now. We will continue to follow and update the latest news about traveling to Vietnam, so please stay tuned!

  2. What month can an American travel to Vietnam and not be quarantined? I have my Visa and passport but I don’t want to be quarantined when I arrive in Vietnam.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Even though we would love to welcome you to Vietnam ASAP, the Vietnamese government imposes compulsory 14-day quarantine for all foreign tourists to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Until now, there has been no new updates on that quarantine policy. We will continue to follow and update the latest information on COVID-19 in Vietnam so please stay tuned!

  3. Good day.

    May I know if there’s any chances I could travel and plan my holiday in Vietnam during early June? Is it true that Vietnam’s government will impose 14 days compulsory quarantine for all foreign tourist who is visiting Vietnam starting from June onwards? Kindly reconfirm on this. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, Vietnamese government will impose compulsory 14-day quarantine for all foreign tourists to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately at the current time, the situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam has been under a good control with 16 days of NO new cases and 222/271 cases were cured. However, we cannot tell the future according to the complex and unpredictable developments of COVID-19. Therefore, we will continue to follow and update the latest news on traveling to Vietnam during/ after COVID-19 and inform you via your email as soon as possible for your tour in early June.

  4. Hi! I’m from Brazil, currently visiting family I’m Japan, was planning to go to Vietnam on June 10, should I cancel it?

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      The current situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam is under control thanks to strict and effective orders from the Government as well as serious compliance from all people. However, none of us can tell the future. Therefore, for your greatest benefits and safety, we can’t help but recommend you postpone your tour to Vietnam to as early as October and further. If you want to book in advance, please click <here> and let us know your requests.

    2. Thank you for your comment.
      The current situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam is under control thanks to strict and effective orders from the Government as well as serious compliance of all people. However, none of us can tell the future. Therefore, for your greatest benefits and safety, we can’t help but recommend you postpone your tour to Vietnam to as early as October and further.
      If you want to book in advance, please click <here> and let us know your requests. It is always our pleasure to become your companion on your adventure.

  5. I am planning a trip to Vietnam around the July time frame from the US. Do you think the travel ban will still exist by then?

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      With current situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam and effectively strict actions from the Government to prevent this virus spread, we believe that COVID-19 will soon be under fully control in our country. However, we cannot talk the future confidently; especially with flexible developments of the picture as at present.
      July is Summer time in Vietnam and ideal for vacations. So, why not book your tour in advance? Now is a perfect time to book with us because there’s no deposit required. Let’s book <here>!

  6. What are the restrictions right now for coming to Vietnam? Can I come to Vietnam on May 1? Would there be any problems entering the country?

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      From March 22, 2020, the Vietnamese government has suspended entry to all foreigners, including people with a Vietnamese visa exemption certificate. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, these two municipalities have established multiple checkpoints to screen entrants coming in and out of the cities. Other cities and provinces may also take similar measures without prior notice.
      Therefore, it cannot be assured that you could enter Vietnam on May 1st, 2020. Please keep following because we will continue to update the latest information and changes on our articles about COVID-19 situation.

      Read more: Info for Travellers on COVID-19 Coronavirus in Vietnam (Live Updates)

    1. Thank you for your question, Michael F Chinn.
      As far as we know, you can prepare your trip to Vietnam in June 2020 afterward.
      Summer is coming and we believe COVID-19 will be under control soon worldwide.

  7. We have arranged to travel to Phu Quoc in early May for 5 days. Should we not go now because of Covid-19 and reschedule to a later date?

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