Yes, it is safe now to travel to Vietnam now

Many travelers are concerned about traveling to Vietnam during the first half of 2020 due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The figures of WHO and the Vietnamese Government on the disease epidemic in Vietnam show that the situation is not worrying.

  • Number of infected people: 16
  • Number of cured people: 16

The Government of Vietnam applies effective disease prevention measures:

  • Temporarily stop tourists from China
  • Isolate at least 14 days from people who travel from China or the affected area
  • There are no restrictions on Western travelers

The novel Corona virus (COVID-19) beginning from China had bad effects on all aspects of the world. Despite being close to China, Vietnam is NOT the center of epidemic and has been in good control of this new virus. Therefore, if you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Vietnam or which destinations in Vietnam are alright to gallivant during the outbreak of COVID-19, here are all you need to know!

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Is It Safe to Travel to Vietnam now?

Tourists can be assured of traveling to Vietnam at this time. In fact, Vietnam has been actively monitoring the situation.

Vietnam sets no barriers to international tourists. Especially, after February 2020 when (if) the epidemic situation is fully controlled in Vietnam as well as in China; tourism in particular and Vietnamese economy in general will bounce back optimistically and resume the high growth trajectory.

You should not worry to travel to Vietnam at the current time

Vietnam Has Developed An Effective Treatment Regimen For Covid-19

Vietnam Has Successfully Controlled All Models of Covid-19 Affection

Among 16 Covid-19 affected people in Vietnam, there were full types of patients such as: male and female patients; elderly patients; patients with blood pressure background; cardiovascular disease, diabetes and lung cancer cases; and children.

After successfully curing all of those patients, although there has been no specific medication for this virus in the world yet; Vietnam has developed an effective treatment regimen for Covid-19.

Effective Treatment Regimen for Covid-19 of Vietnam

With this disease, due to experiences of characteristics of previous SARS and emerging epidemics, Vietnam has continuously updated treatment guidelines from the very first days on January before this disease expanded. Until now, Vietnam has come off and implemented treatment guidelines for hospitals.

Together with the regimen, Vietnam also offers specific treatment strategies (from initial reception instructions, isolating patients to using drugs, fluids) and provides the most modern emergency equipment for patients.

Vietnam Has Been Taking Strict, Effective Efforts and Actions to Prevent Coronavirus in Vietnam

– Vietnam canceled all flights from and to China from 13:00 on February 1st until further notice.

– Impose 14-day isolation for all cases having contact with people from the epidemic area (1) returning from China, (2) contact with infected people as well as those at risk of COVID-19 infection.

– Postpone major festivals and religious activities (mostly for Vietnamese) until further notice.

– Recommend people not to gather in large numbers, use face masks when needed and wash their hands frequently.

– The majority of tourist attractions remain open to welcome visitors in the usual way. Besides, those places must ensure the requirements of disease prevention. Also, visitors should strictly follow the regulations, always wear a mask in public spaces and restrict yourselves to crowded places.

Economic Stimulus Policies of Vietnamese Government and Enterprises For Tourism

1. The Government will consider the possibility of fee waiver & simplification for visa procedures for tourists who travel to Vietnam in groups provided by international travel companies; as well as allowing visa issuance at border gates.

2. Assisting tourism enterprises in surveying and propagating tourism promotion in potential markets, new tourist markets, and markets not affected by the disease to serve tourism development after the epidemic is under control.

3. Service discount: Tourism enterprises have been applying:

  • Flexible pricing policies, forms of promotion, after-sales, and capital gain.
  • Discount combos from accommodation, food to domestic and foreign tours; with discounts can be up to from 30% to 50% compared to 2019.

Paradise Travel’s Policies and Guarantee for Customers

Paradise Travel has our words that customers’ benefits and safety must be given the highest priority, and we have been actively monitoring the situation. The fact is that you can still go on a journey safely and until now, there is no direct risk to any departing tours. Therefore, assuredly there is no reason to cancel any existing trips to countries OUTSIDE of affected areas in China, including Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries.

Accompanying the government, Paradise Travel provides these policies and guarantee to support travelers to Vietnam. One thing for sure is that we CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY!

1. With Paradise Travel, we commit a 100% REFUND plus $2000 SUPPORT for each case of travelers who are COVID-19 positive when travelling in Vietnam with us.

2. In cooperation with our Vietnamese service suppliers, we offer discounted prices for all our Vietnam tours:

  • Up to 30% discount for all tours booked after 20th February, 2020 and depart before 30th September, 2020.
  • Up to 15% discount for all tours booked after 20th February, 2020 and depart after 30th September, 2020 & before 31st December, 2020.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Overview & Updates

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