As a new travel trend, Free and Easy Vietnam Tour is an indelible and cost-effective way to discover our country. The S-shaped country is well-known for its scenic nature and colorful traditional cultures with glorious history, mouth-watering local delicacies, and 54 ethnic groups stretching from north to south. Thus, in order to authentically explore the quintessence of Vietnam and avoid wasting time at some tourist traps, there is no better choice than opting for a Vietnam Free and Easy Tour.

What is a Free and Easy Vietnam Tour?

Sapa - Free and Easy Vietnam Tour

You may wonder how ‘free and easy’ is this type of travel? Well, you probably know that group tours (or escorted tours) offer a fixed itinerary and include other services such as flights, airport transfer, accommodation, land transportation, some meals, and sightseeing. You can see various attractions at an affordable tour price and make a lot of new friends. Plus, you will not be worried about safety. However, flexibility is the greatest disadvantage of group tours, for example, you may have to spend time at some shopping stops or you cannot change hotel and restaurants choice. Free and Easy tour is the best way to solve these problems when traveling to Vietnam.

Generally speaking, on a Free and Easy Vietnam tour, all service such as visa arrangement, domestic flights, airport transfers, accommodations can be prepared by a travel agency. You can choose any kind of resorts, hotels or homestays and the travel agency will help to provide you with the best rate. At the same time, you are flexible to choose the attractions you want to see at each place, restaurants you want to eat and explore the inner beauty of our country in some off-the-beaten-track or exotic local places.

With this travel type, you can travel freely and you are not tied to a rigid schedule. In addition, travelers who are on business trips, who want to visit relatives or need overseas medical treatment can also consider a Free and Easy tour.

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Values that a Free and Easy tour offers

Hoi An - Free and Easy Vietnam Tour
Hoi An

When joining a Free & Easy travel program, travelers can save money and time while still enjoying the exceptional services such as:

  • Airfare and hotel rates will be cheaper when booking via a travel agency
  • Free breakfast at your hotel as all 3-star hotels and above have breakfast which is already included in the room rate
  • Airport transfer to your hotel. This can be considered as an advantage of the program because when you first arrive in a city, you will be confused about how to reach your hotel and may get a scammed taxi.
  • You can pay additional fees for a longer stay; upgrade your hotel stay or your airfares to business class. This is outstanding compared to usual group tours.
  • You can inform us 2 days in advance when you get to any city in Vietnam, and we can arrange day tours or private tours according to your preference. If you inform us later, we will serve case by case.
  • You can receive free attraction, food and accommodation advice from our experienced travel consultants at Vietnam Paradise Travel.

Why choose Free and Easy Vietnam Tour?

Save time and money

Hanoi - Free and Easy Vietnam Tour
Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi

Normally when planning a tour to discover Vietnam, there are many costs for you to consider. Which hotels have the best rate? How to transport between different destinations? What is the cheapest mode of transport? When is the best time to buy a flight ticket to Vietnam? Which service suppliers should I choose? With Free and Easy Tour, not only will you save time on researching and comparing prices but you can also spend less for these services since a travel agency knows where to get the best deal for you. Moreover, without your meals being catered for, you can switch to some cheaper alternatives such as local restaurants or street vendors so that you can discover exotic local specialties.

Explore authentic Vietnam as a traveler, not a tourist

Lac Village in Mai Chau - Free and Easy Vietnam Tour
Lac Village in Mai Chau

Contrary to being stick to a fixed itinerary, a Free and Easy tour offers you more time to interact with local people, learn a new language, and get an insight into the Oriental culture. Imagine you can spend time at a homestay, discover traditional farming techniques, pick up fresh vegetables in a garden, and cook traditional dishes with the locals. Moreover, if you are an adventurer, imposing mountain passes in Sapa, ethnic villages in Ha Giang, pristine islands in Nha Trang, and capujut forests in Mekong Delta will not disappoint you. Let not make any tourist trap spoil your time in our beautiful country!

Flexibility and Convenience

Phu Quoc - Free and Easy Vietnam Tour
Phu Quoc

Having a strict schedule may be uncomfortable. With a Free and Easy Vietnam tour, you can decide where you want to go by renting a car in Vietnam, how long you spend time in each city, how you can get to each destination, and what you will eat there. Especially when you are on a Vietnam family holiday, your children will need time to adapt to a different time zone, explore an unfamiliar culture, and adjust to a new sleeping habit and diet. You don’t need to worry about following others in your group. Your itinerary can be customized and aligned to your interest.

Currently, Vietnam Paradise Travel is a leading provider of free and easy tours for individuals, small groups, and large groups. For any inquiries, please contact us for further information and let us create your unforgettable time in Vietnam.

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