Still the similar recipe is applied, but just a little change in ingredients is enough to give birth to a new flavoring dish, what is mentioned here is a Vietnamese popular favorite named “gỏi xoài”. The main ingredient is mango that is peeled off, sliced finely, soaked in salty water for a while and then drained off. It tastes crunchy, a little sour, sweet, salty and quite refreshing. Carrot is also pickled, sliced into julienne strips and drained off.



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Meanwhile, coriander, mint, and other herbs are coarsely chopped and mixed finely with green mango, carrot, bean sprouts, chili and fried prawn or grilled shrimp. The concoction is displayed in a plate with a under layer of lettuce. It is adaptable dish so feel free to add your favorite herbs or veggies. Finally, toss it gently with the usual delicious dressing, a harmonious mingle of lime juice, ground garlic and chili, sour and salty fish sauce, and sprinkle it with roasted peanuts, an indispensible part for a buttery favor. Enjoy the dish and experience the subtle difference!

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