Hue sets rain as its tourism productIn common perspective of service providers, rainy season is not an ideal time for tourism activities. But Hue administration does not have the same idea when it sets the city’s rain as a special tourism product. This means a series of activities are settled during rainy season.


This plan was originated from a truth that Hue is one of the destinations in Vietnam that has the highest level of rainfall, which makes rain a feature of the city, constituting Hue characteristics.


These new rainy tourism products consist of different types, including watching rain tour or cuisine tour with “rainy dishes”. Unique infrastructures for serving the purpose of rain tourism such as transparent roofs or roofed vehicles are brought into use and promise a no-where-to-see experience.


Hue is a popular tourism destination in the central of Vietnam, but the fact is that tourism products in here are not diverse and attractive to draw travelers back. These brand new unique tourism products are expected to be new hooks. This decision of Hue administration is part of National Tourism Year of North Central and Hue 2012.

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