Lung Van known as the Cloud Valley in Tan Lac district looks like a wonderland amidst clouds. Considered as the roof of Muong Bi – one of the four major and the most ancient cultural cradles of the Muong ethnics in Hoa Binh Province, Lung Van is famous for its majestic natural scenery and the unique culture of the Muong people.


Lung Van

Located at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level, Lung Van was once a peaceful village which was then completely destroyed by a devastating flood and no one survived after the flood except for a couple who was saved by being stuck in a giant tree, called Bi. According to the “Land and Water” epic of the Muong ethnic people in Hoa Binh, the tree had deep roots in 9 rivers and ten mountains so it was not swept away. Having no place to live, the couple built a tent under the tree to live and they reclaimed new land for farming, tamed wild animals for raising, made containers to get water and then established a hamlet and named it after the tree to show their gratitude to the tree that saved their lives. Nowadays, Lung Van is the highest place where the Muong ethnic people are living and it is believed to be the place where the Bi tree grew.

Lung Van

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Lung Van is very far from the main road and also surrounded by deep green mountains. Therefore, It is still unfamiliar to many people. Lung Van has still kept intact many traditional cultural and architectural features. For example, tortoise-shaped roofs and Muong women’s dresses which are black and decorated with colorful patterns. Today, although their dresses are made shorter, suitable for working, they remain all the delicate patterns.

Muong people

Lung Van has many people who are still healthy though they are more than 100 years old. The old at the age of from 90 to 100 still work to help their children and their grandchildren. Therefore, this land is related to many fairy tales and is called the land of longevity. People believe that the water from streams, the good and simple lifestyle, as well as the airy and pure atmosphere bring the locals’ longevity.

Lung Van

After Lunar New Year, from February to April, Lung Van is the most beautiful because that time, Lung Van is covered by the white clouds. It is the time Muong people prepare for a new crop on terraced fields. They live rather separately; therefore the method of growing rice is quite different from those who live in lower areas. They only start the crop when it rains and the terraced fields are submerged in ‘heaven’s water’. They sow rice by hand that results in low productivity, but is famous for its high quality and delicious taste. Therefore, in the past rice made in Lung Van was used as an offering to hamlet lords, so it is also called ‘the rice of the hamlet lord’. Explore the beauty of Lung Van by joining in Northern Vietnam Exposure Tours.

Muong people


Visiting Lung Van in Vietnam Northern tour, tourists have chance to see clouds of white silk as Van Lung crossing Fairy Mountain and Muong such as “scarf of Buddha”. With a pure atmosphere, spectacular scenery and peaceful life, Lung Van is really an ideal place for those who want to escape the noisy urban life and discover the unique cultural features of the Muong ethnic people.

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