Tai De or Rare goat is a specialty food in Ninh Binh. The limestone moutains of Hoa Lu are shelter of these free-ranging domestic goats( the wild moutain goat in Viet Nam, the serow capriconis sumatraensis is strictly protected and very rare ).

Rare Goat


The moutain breeding goats are caught, plucked, well burnt, disemboweled and mixed with holly basil or duckweed for over 10 minutes. The goat meat is cut pieces( with skin ), dipping them in boiling water until half-cooked. As they are cool, they are evenly sliced( vertically ).
The half-cooked sliced meat shall be mixed with fried-sesame, which is roughly crushed, chopped up-citronella, lemon leaf, ginger, sliced-chilly, lemon juice and sodium glutamate. That’s it, a very excellent dish. Eating rare goat always accompany with fig leaf, green banana, star fruit…. particularly soybean jam

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