On Tet holiday, while parents are busy with preparing for the traditional new year such as making cakes, brewing wine…, H’Mong children, dressing in beautiful clothes, enjoy the spring.

Boys often wear black clothes with 9 buttons, a seven-color scarf around their necks or on their head while girls put on colorful costumes. Girls prefer sitting by the rocky fence in the streets or walk along the Happy street crossing Ma Li Leng mountain pass and Nho Que river. Some of H’Mong children kick a shuttle cock together or other traditional games in H’Mong festival.


H’Mong children in Meo Vac enjoy the spring in Dong Van imposing rocky plateau


Young H’Mong boys flirt with the girls


Boys tease girls in streets


Hand in hand walking is an interest of girls


A girl standing on the rocky mountain and looking at her friends before mixing with them


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Tommy Ngo

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