“Tet Doan Ngo” (Doan Ngo Festival) is one of the most significant holidays in Vietnam, annually dated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and widely known under different names: “Parasites killing Tet”, “Artistic Summer Festival”, “Mid-year Festival”. Taking part in unique activities of Doan Ngo Festival will make your summer on your tour to Northern Vietnam be incredibly fulfilled and unforgettable.

A typical table of offerings on Doan Ngo Festival
A typical table of offerings on Doan Ngo Festival
  • Date: The fifth day of the fifth lunar month
  • Time: Horse Hour (from 11am until 1pm) in Zodiac time
  • Location: Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam
  • Purpose: Ancestor remembrance, hold family reunions, enjoy special foods, fruits and experience typical social activities.

Tet Doan Ngo – A meaningful Festival

Once upon a time, Vietnamese farmers were celebrating for such bumper fruits and foods crops then suddenly a drag of insects and pests from nowhere spoiled them all. Whereas people had not figured out the solution yet, an old man Doi Truan appeared and lighted up their ways.

Under his guidance, first of all, each family prepared a simple table of offerings with popular summer fruits and “banh tro” (Tro cake) so as to be dedicated to the ancestor. After that, people did some outdoor exercises and the magic happened as all of the bugs strangely fell down on farmers’ fields. However, the man disappeared as well with no clue.

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Appetizing “banh tro” (Tro cake)

In honor of the man, people memorized and celebrated the day as an annual special event. Nowadays, it becomes one of national cultural Vietnamese Tet holidays, following the missions to maintain season peaks and educate the younger generation about the importance of reuniting spirit.

Local Diversity in Celebration

Things in common

1. Lunar date and time:

  • Date: The fifth day of the fifth lunar month
  • Zodiac time: Horse Hour, from 11am until 1am

2. Activities:

  • Ancestor commemoration
  • Family reunion

3. Specialities:


Things to do at Doan Ngo Festival

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of colorful markets and take photos

A busy seller in a Saigon market

On this day, markets all over the country  wear chromatic coats made of various beautiful flowers, fresh summer fruits (plums, peaches, watermelons, sapodillas,…) and different commodities. The diversity of markets in each region paints a great romantic picture of the nation that you should definitely take a look and get busy with cameras during your trip to Vietnam.

Enjoy local specialities

Based on a lot of factors (weather condition, history, geographical location,…), each region of Vietnam is famous for its own unique cuisines and fruits. Besides common “com ruou nep” that you can find everywhere in Vietnam, there are other tasty desserts:


Try river-bathing and coconuts-picking in Central region

A Central woman picking up coconuts
A Central woman picking up coconuts

If you take Central Vietnam tours on this occasion, you will have a chance to try this region’s interesting coconuts-picking together with typical river-bathing, one of the most favorite combo activities for both local people and travellers. The Central consider coconuts as the special gift from Mother Nature so that they appreciate picking them directly from coconut trees, also you will get surprised by how skillful and talented Central citizens are, through a lot of amazing products made of coconut material on the land.

Doan Ngo Festival Dates

Beautiful corner of Vietnam during Doan Ngo Festival
A beautiful corner of Vietnam during Doan Ngo Festival

Here comes the best time ever to join Doan Ngo Festival! Customize your Vietnam tour to create your own memorable vacation and attend this amazing event:

20197th June 2019
202025th June 2020
202114th June 2021

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