The Flamboyant tree’s beautiful red flowers carpet each corner of the lake during the summer blooming season. The Flamboyant tree itself creates the most outstanding red colour, conjuring images of flames from a fire. Naturally, flamboyant trees grow around the lake area more than any other species.

Thus, when the flowering season comes, Sword Lake is a sight to behold. The blazing red flowers are seen with the purple lagerstroemia flowers at every corner of the lake.  The rich, purple hue of the lagerstroemias sets off the red flamboyants color magnificentally.

As the end of the season draws near, visitors see less and less of the  flowers. The beautifulred blooms gradually get sparser, petals fly away in the wind, or fall on the lake’s surface… As each flower season comes and goes The dyingflowers look like burning flames falling into the lake.


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Flamboyant flowers awaken on the lake


Racemes of flamboyants - symbol ò youth and silent fist love


Flowers embellish The Huc bridge


The Brilliant Flamboyant Flowers of Sword Lake


1.Piceces of colour in contrast - 2.Falling flower look like burning flames

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