The dish is certain to bring tourists an impressive and unforgettable feeling through its rustic and moreish taste.  The cooking process is quite simple but it takes time. Free-range pork that is as firm, juicy and lean as wild pork will be sliced into large-sized slabs and hung up on kitchen attics.



After a long time, the pork is drained and turns brown because of kitchen smoke, and then it is boiled in warm water until well-done. Next, it is sliced into thin species, displayed on banana leaves so that the leave flavor enhances that of boiled pork. The dish is served with roasted salt, and ground “doi” seeds (an indispensible spice in local cuisine, originating from a forest tree with the spicy flavor more intense than pepper’s). When eating, you are bound to feel the sweet taste of pork, the crunchy texture of pork skin, the subtle fragrance of banana leaves, the saltiness of roasted salt and the strong spiciness of “doi”. What a fantastic experience!

P/S: If you want to try other dishes made of free range pork in Hoa Binh, fermented pork with sour, sweet taste and aroma flavor is an ideal choice with the cooking method similar to “nem chua”

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