Is Thailand good for family trips?

Don’t worry, Thailand is very safe for a family holiday with kids. This ‘Land of Smiles’ is highly family-oriented which satisfies all criteria for a perfect trip: Long sandy beaches. Tick. Extraordinary jungles. Tick. Amazing theme parks. Tick. Awe-inspiring culture. Tick. Read this article for some travel tips to make the most of this fun and interesting country for your vacation with kids.

1. November to March is the best time to visit Thailand

Khao Lak - Thailand
Khao Lak – Thailand

It is relatively cool from November to March in Thailand, thus it is advisable to travel with your kids during that time. Thailand experiences heavy downpours from May to October, thus, accommodations will be cheaper and attractions will be less crowded. You can travel to this country during a rainy season; just remember to stay away from the islands which may be affected by torrential rains.

Skip March and May since they are two hottest months in this country. The heat will cause tiredness and exhaustion, which negatively affects your children during and after the trip to Thailand.

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2. Be careful of the climate and jet lag

Take your kids to hospitals for health check and vaccinations before the trip. You don’t want your kids get sick during the time they should have enjoyed and had fun.

Differences in time zone may make your kids tired. The first day when arriving to Thailand should be dedicated to relaxing. Sightseeing activities such as tour to the crowded Grand Palace may be too much for your kids at the first day.

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3. Let them know about Thailand before the trip

A vacation is only memorable when your kids gain some knowledge about culture and people of the country you travel to. Introduce a little bit about the country, its temple, its animals and culture. Let your kids see some photos and videos of Thailand.

4. Don’t go crazy on packing – 7-Eleven is everywhere!

Medicine, sun protection items and lightweight clothing are must-prepared for a vacation. If your toddlers stick to some certain baby necessities brand, bring your own. However, things like towels, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel take you a lot of space in your luggage. Convenient stores like 7-Eleven are everywhere in Thailand, and you can easily buy personal care products and emergency snacks, yogurt and milk for your kids.

Believe me, Thailand is the heaven for shopping and you will need another luggage back home!

5. Don’t just stick to the beach

Chiang Mai - Thailand
Chiang Mai – Thailand

We know Thailand is all about beautiful beaches, islands and archipelagos. Swimming, snorkeling and relishing fresh seafood are awesome, however, there are many other places to visit in Thailand with your family. Don’t forget to add some kid-friendly adventures such as camping, cycling and taking a boat trip to some spectacular landscape in this country.

6. Thai street foods are amazing – but be careful of spicy dishes

You will regret not trying Thai street foods just because you are scared of food poison or allergy. Spicy dishes such as tom yum or curry may not suitable for your kids. Seek for light snacks such as mango sticky rice and pad thai. You can choose some vendors which are crowded with customers as they may be more trustworthy.

7. Make sure you choose appropriate places for your kids

Koh Samui - Thailand
Koh Samui – Thailand

Thailand is outrageous with adult entertainment when the sun goes down, especially in Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. Make sure you prepare suitable activities such as going to some night markets for souvenir shopping and walking along the streets with your children at night. Some recommended family-friendly destinations in Thailand are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Krabi.

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8. Keep your children hydrated all the time

Thailand’s weather is warm to sultry year-round, so ensure that your kids are hydrated after long hours of sightseeing and walking. It is not safe to drink tap water here since the water quality in Thailand is low. Remember to buy some bottled water at 7-Eleven or other local shops, it is often overpriced in hotels.

9. There are many kid-friendly theme parks and national parks in Thailand

Yes, we know that you do not visit Thailand for parks. But if your kids want more recreations, there is no better place than a theme park. From amazing water rides, thrilling roller coasters to exotic wildlife and entertaining shows, you can find them in Bangkok. Some recommended places are Dream World, Siam Park City and Safari World.

Elephant Nature Park - Chiang Mai
Elephant Nature Park – Chiang Mai

Though the elephants are tamed, they are still wild animals and may harm your kids. Plus, elephant trekking is a cruel form of tourism which exploits this giant creature. Another ethical approach for your kids to learn about elephants is volunteering in some elephant rescue centers in Thailand. The most popular one is Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

The bottom line

We think Thailand is a good choice when it comes to family travel to Southeast Asia. The amenities and transportation here are well-equipped and attractions are easy to access. Compared to Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar, Thailand is less challenging for your small kids.

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