Valentine’s Day – February 14th is coming! It’s the time Cupid shooting his arrow and the opportunity for you to tell your other half how much you love that person. Have you planned something for Valentine’s Day? Annually, you might surprise your “Valentine” with original gifts such as chocolates, flowers, etc. How about Valentine’s Day gifts in 2020? We suggest that you offer both your other half and yourself an unforgettable honeymoon vacation to Vietnam. Let’s explore the top 10 most popular destinations for a romantic trip to Vietnam with your partner, and thus return more in love than ever!

A lovely couple in the green nature of Vietnam

A lovely couple in the green nature of Vietnam

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Vietnam?

Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating destinations in Asia. This country has a variety of romantic destinations to spend a memorable Valentine’s Day with your other half such as Halong Bay – UNESCO World Heritage; the combination of modernity and antiquity of the capital Hanoi; the valley of love and the flower garden in Da Lat; the sandy beaches and turquoise water in Phu Quoc, the peaceful old lantern town of Hoi An; the magnificent landscape of Sapa, etc.

With natural charm, vibrant colors, delicious dishes and magnificent landscapes here, a romantic trip to Vietnam will provide couples with unique and unforgettable experiences during Valentine ‘s Day.

Top Destinations to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Vietnam

A pre-wedding couple and amazing landscape with waves and sunset in Vietnam

How is Valentine’s Day in Vietnam Celebrated?

Valentine’s Day has become more popular in Vietnam due to cultural exchange with Western countries and is adopted by many Vietnamese people today.

Vietnam Tours 2020

During Valentine’s Day, travelers will see a lot of Valentine’s Day products sold on the streets and in shops of all areas such as Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter, Nguyen Hue Boulevard, etc. You can also buy a lot of gifts in cinemas, restaurants, cafes, etc. that will be more crowded with young couples. There may be traffic jams here and there, but that won’t affect travelers very much.

Best Places in Vietnam to Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day

With many mountains, rivers and dream beaches, Vietnam is a potential destination to discover on your romantic trip. Here are the romantic places in Vietnam to explore with your love on Valentine’s Day:

Best destinations in Northern Vietnam for your Valentine’s Day trip

1. Hanoi

If you are looking for a fascinating and exceptional place to spend a romantic stay with your soulmate on your trip to Northern Vietnam, Hanoi is a perfect destination not to be missed! The capital of Vietnam has its own “specialty” which makes it one of the most charming cities in Vietnam.

Best romantic places to visit in Hanoi:

– The Old Quarter: Known by the name in Hanoi with “36 streets”, this district of Hanoi is the beating heart of this city and undoubtedly one of the most interesting places to visit.

– West Lake – a romantic meeting place at sunset: This place is considered to be a “dating paradise” for couples. Every street corner reflects romantic and poetic beauty.

– Famous romantic streets in Hanoi: Hanoi is famous for its beautiful and poetic streets: Thanh Nien, Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu, Kim Ma, etc. With your lover, walking hand in hand on the road and feeling the romance are incredible activities while in Hanoi on Valentine!

A couple wandering around Hanoi's Old Quarter

A couple wandering around Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Romantic activities for couples in Hanoi:

– At West Lake:

  • Walking or cycling around the lake.
  • Cruising in the swan pedal boat.
  • Enjoying a coffee or good food on the boats or cafeterias around the lake.

Those are remarkable activities that you can participate with your other half. Some are content with just sitting and contemplating the romantic landscapes at the end of the afternoon where the lights of the lampposts are glimpsed in the majestic gold.

– Around the Old Quarter or in the romantic streets:

  • Walking around the Old Quarter.
  • Taking a pedicab ride around the Hoan Kiem district to live in a unique atmosphere.
  • Visiting merchants and observing French-Vietnamese architecture.

Besides, you can rest at your leisure and contemplate the life of the locals as well as the beautiful landscapes of the center of the capital.

2. Sapa

This gorgeous “lady” is “the queen of the mountains” of Vietnam. Sapa is one of the destinations that is worth your exploration during your romantic trip to Vietnam. Just by taking an overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai and another 1-hour bus ride to Sapa, you and your sweetheart can enjoy a pleasant experience together!

Best romantic places to discover in Sapa:

– The Love waterfall: Located about 15 km northwest of Sapa town in the municipality of San Sa Ho commune, the Love waterfall awaits you to explore the natural setting of poetic beauty!

– Rice terraces: the rice terraces have been cultivated in Sapa for hundreds of years by several ethnic minorities. Besides, the entire fields here are filled with bright green or yellow color like a carpet for the giant.

– Ethnic villages like Cat Cat, Ta Van or Ta Phin are wonderful, authentic and colorful.

– Heaven Gate: Located near the Argent waterfall, the Heaven Gate offers a breathtaking view of the mountains including Mount Fansipan – the roof of Southeast Asia.

In summary, a visit to Sapa will make your feelings more sublime. You can both share memorable feelings!

Romantic activities for couples in Sapa:

In Sapa, besides many things for you and your lover to explore and enjoy together as a couple such as amazing rice terraces or authentic and colorful ethnic villages, you can also:

– Shopping at the Sapa market for beautiful handmade products as lovely unique gifts for your other half

– Taking impressive photos of the bright golden rice terraces

– Climbing the Heaven Gate to find your sky, etc.

3. Halong Bay

Kayaking with your other half at Halong Bay - an amazing experience to try as a couple!

Kayaking with your other half at Halong Bay – an amazing experience to try as a couple!

This site is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It is made up of thousands of limestone karsts and islands of a wide variety of sizes and shapes along the 120 km coast. It is an unforgettable experience for your Valentine’s Day trip to admire the amazing beauty of the scenery on one of the most beautiful cruises in Halong Bay.

Best destinations to visit in Halong Bay:

– Lan Ha Bay: This bay is located southeast of Halong Bay. This pretty bay is the smallest in the whole Halong Bay region.

– Cave of the Celestial Palace (“Hang Thien Cung”): This cave is famous for the splendor of its 4 pillars of stalagmites sculpted by the elements and supporting the “roof of paradise”. On the walls, a natural fresco offers the spectacle of a group of fairies singing and dancing. It is one of the largest and most beautiful caves to visit while in Halong.

– Cat Ba Island: considered the largest island in Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island has some of the most impressive natural beauties in the region as well as a wide range of wildlife.

Romantic activities for couples in Halong Bay:

– An intimate and hushed cruise to Halong Bay in the crystal clear water dotted with limestone peaks is certainly a memorable experience during your romantic tour. This is also an opportunity to share the most memorable Valentine’s Day moments of you two in Vietnam.

– Having dinner with candles while chasing the breathtaking sunset.

– Enjoying the most impressive natural beauty of limestone.

– Swimming on the beautiful white sand beach.

– Scuba-diving to explore the ocean, etc.

– Take a seaplane tour: You will have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Halong Bay from the height of the Hai Au seaplane in 15 minutes.

4. Ninh Binh

Considered as the terrestrial Halong Bay of Vietnam, this destination is often designed in the Hanoi – Halong – Ninh Binh circuit. Located 100km to the south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh is well-known for its famous temple of Hoa Lu, rice fields of Tam Coc, Bich Dong and Bai Dinh pagoda, Trang An nature reserve, Van Long lagoon and the Park National of Cuc Phuong. It is a completely romantic and attractive destination for your Valentine’s Day tour.

Romantic destinations to visit in Ninh Binh:

– Trang An complex: Covering an area of ​​6,172 ha, the Trang An complex has extraordinary beauty with a harmonious combination of river, mountains, and caves.

– Tam Coc complex – Bich Dong: This complex includes the Tam Coc caves and the Bich Dong pagoda. The Tam Coc caves are considered to be Ha Long Bay on earth with beautiful limestone rocks and emerald rice fields.

– Mua Cave: This is an impressive attraction where you can get the whole view of the Tam Coc caves.

Admiring Ninh Binh's exotic scenery is an incredible idea for any couple on Valentine's Day

Admiring Ninh Binh’s exotic scenery is an incredible idea for any couple on Valentine’s Day

Best things to do for couples:

– Taking a boat trip to the picturesque landscape complex of Trang An and Tam Coc – Bich Dong.

– Trekking and hiking in the limestone mountains.

– Relaxing in a rustic bungalow/ homestay near the river.

5. Mai Chau

Located in the rural district of Hoa Binh province, Mai Chau is one of the most peaceful and romantic places in Vietnam. The lush fields and mountains together create a peaceful “hideout” for couples. It is one of the most popular destinations on a romantic tour. Travelers are amazed by the towering mountains, emerald rice fields and unique stilt houses of this city.

Best places to visit in Mai Chau:

– Rice fields: the rice fields here are surrounded by mountains, narrow red-brown dirt roads, houses on stilts, water buffalo and local children make it the best image of the Vietnamese village!

– Lac village and Pom Coong village: These villages will help you understand the lifestyle and culture of the ethnic minorities in Mai Chau.

– Mo Luong cave and Chieu cave: The discovery of colorful caves in Mai Chau is an interesting activity to do as a couple. Moreover, these caves often attract many adventurous tourists to Mai Chau.

Romantic activities for couples:

– Going boating and rafting on the Ma river.

– Walking or cycling around peaceful villages to enjoy the fresh air.

– Climbing 1200 steps from the Chieu cave.

– Taking a bath in the Pung waterfall.

Best destinations in Central Vietnam for your Valentine’s Day trip

6. Hue

The citadel of Hue has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. This city has its magnanimous history of training and development which lasted for approximately 7 centuries. With its romantic beauty, Hue is one of the best places in Vietnam to immerse into for couples on a Valentine’s Day tour.

Best places to visit in Hue on your Valentine’s Day:

– Thien Mu Pagoda and Huong River (Perfume River): These 2 places are famous attractions not to be missed during your circuit in Hue. The gentle nature of the Perfume River and the romantic landscape of this site will provide you with long-lasting memories together.

– Beaches like Lang Co Beach, Thuan An Beach or Canh Duong Beach in Hue are also ranked among the most beautiful beaches that cannot-be-missed on a trip to central Vietnam.

Admire the sunset with your lover and chase the sunset on a dragon boat at Perfume River, Hue

Admire the sunset with your lover and chase the sunset on a dragon boat at Perfume River, Hue

Romantic activities for couples in Hue:

– Taking a romantic boat trip along the Perfume River and visiting the Thien Mu pagoda.

– Enjoying royal dinner and a traditional Hue song on a boat along the Perfume River.

7. Danang

Danang is a city that combines the charm of Hanoi with the active life of Ho Chi Minh City. Located between sea and mountains, this city has a special charm that makes it one of the favorite destinations for couples.

Romantic destinations to discover in Danang:

– Beaches: Danang has many immense pristine beaches with white sand and crystal blue water. Among which, My Khe Beach has been ranked as one of the six most charming beaches on the planet.

– Han River: The river is famous for the dragon-shaped bridge which is 670 m long and 40 m wide. Besides, the Love bridge with its pretty locks is a romantic place for couples as well. This bridge was built on the ideas of the most famous love bridges in the world: Pont des Arts (France), Hohenzollern (Germany), Milvio (Italy) and Tretriakovsky (Russia).

Activities for couples in Danang:

– Renting a boat to watch the poetic sunrise over the Han River while tasting Vietnamese coffee.

– Taking photos on the love bridge with your lover.

– Taking a city tour by pedicab.

– Going to the magnificent beaches.

8. Hoi An

Speaking of romantic destinations in Vietnam, this list will not be complete without Hoi An. It was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

A romantic cycling around Hoi An's Ancient Town as a couple

A romantic cycling around Hoi An’s Ancient Town as a couple

Places to visit in Hoi An with your companion:

– Hoi An Ancient Town: This destination is undoubtedly one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam.

– Japanese covered bridge: This is a precious jewel located in the old town of Hoi An. It was built at the end of the 16th century by Japanese merchants.

– An Bang Beach: Arriving at An Bang, you will feel wonderful freshness as you walk along the sandbank and immerse yourself in the sunlight. In the afternoon, you can also have a chance to chase the sunset and take good photos of you and your other half.

Romantic activities for couples in Hoi An:

– Walking in the old town: Imagine hand in hand with your lover, walk together under the lanterns, discover the alleys of Hoi An to find romance. What a beautiful experience for Valentine!

– Boating on the Hoai River: If you pay attention, you will find that all couples who take their wedding photos in Hoi An never miss a photo with the boat in the Hoai River. It’s a romantic scene!

– Drinking coffee while contemplating the city: When you have free time, don’t forget to have a coffee on the sidewalk. In Hoi An, you can easily find a cafe to stop and enjoy all the charming beauty of this city.

– Relaxing on the quiet beaches.

9. Da Lat

The mountainous city of Da Lat has its nicknames as “the little Paris” or “the city of eternal spring” of Vietnam. This is a perfect destination for couples, which is why we recommend Da Lat for your Valentine’s trip. With the charming atmosphere and poetic beauty, it is also the destination of choice for many Vietnamese couples to take wedding photos.

Romantic destinations in Da Lat:

– Da Lat gorgeous lakes: Xuan Huong lake, Tuyen Lam Lake and the lake of sighs are ideal places for romantic walks.

– Valley of Love: this romantic destination is located 5 km to the north of Da Lat. There are many beautiful interesting scenes like the labyrinth of love, love locks on a bridge, a single tap hovering in the air, a public flower garden, etc.

– Da Lat Flower Garden: This is the place that promises to bring you all the beautiful flowers of not only Da Lat but also the world. It’s also the perfect place for wedding photos.

– Lang Biang is like the “roof of the house” of Da Lat and the tourist attraction of this city.

– Da Lat waterfalls: Pongour waterfall and Prenn waterfall.

Forever chasing sunrise with you!

Forever chasing sunrise with you!

Romantic activities to participate in Da Lat:

– A romantic walk with your soulmate in flower farms to lose sight of, mount a horse quietly and famous lakes will bring you the most memorable experience than ever!

– Taking pictures of the dream clouds covering the pine forests.

– Hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, etc.

Best destinations in Southern Vietnam for your Valentine’s Day trip

10. Nha Trang

For couples in love wanting to find their novel enjoying a dinner full of candlelight on a sandy beach, Nha Trang would be exactly their promising destination for romantic moments. For couples looking for a luxury vacation, the seaside resorts here certainly appeal to you on your Nha Trang tour.

Best romantic places to discover on your Valentine’s Day in Nha Trang:

– Picturesque beaches: The beaches here are magnificent with white sand, palm trees, and blue water. They are considered a miracle and a dazzling spectacle created by Mother Nature.

– The surrounding islands: Nha Trang is a large bay with 19 islands offshore. One of the activities not to be missed during your Nha Trang tour should be a visit to the islands. It’s an extremely interesting experience!

What to do in Nha Trang with your soulmate?

– Discovering magnificent islands of Nha Trang.

– Admiring the wonderful sunrise on the beach.

– Participating in nautical activities.

Best destinations in Southern Vietnam for your Valentine’s Day trip

11. Ho Chi Minh City

The city of Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam as well as the economic and service center. It is also the most dynamic city in the country and the largest city that is most attractive to foreigners. Its comfortable weather, friendly people and tasty food here will comfort you and your partner on your trip to Southern Vietnam for Valentine!

Destinations to visit in Ho Chi Minh City:

– Monuments of colonial architecture: There are some historical sites to visit as a couple such as Notre-Dame Cathedral, Saigon Opera House, Saigon Central Post Office and Reunification Palace.

– Colorful markets: Ben Thanh market, Tan Binh market, etc.

– Busy streets: Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, etc.

 Activities for couples:

– Taking a city tour on foot or by bike to admire the colonial buildings.

– Having a drink, chatting with friends and listening to street music in the pedestrian street of Bui Vien.

12. Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is named “the pearl of Asia” thanks to its natural treasure and the indefinite tourism potential. It is famous for its idyllic beaches where we find the best fish and seafood in the country. Also, Phu Quoc was voted the cleanest and most beautiful beach in the world by ABC News.

Scuba-diving in Phu Quoc to a great idea to show... these corals and fish here how much you are in love!

Scuba-diving in Phu Quoc to a great idea to show… these corals and fish here how much you are in love!

Best destinations to explore in Phu Quoc:

– Beaches: Ong Lang, Bai Thom, and Bai Dai are very pretty beaches that are worth a visit during your trip to Phu Quoc. Most of the beaches on the island are not well-marked on the maps. So do not hesitate to stroll and discover sumptuous paradise beaches.

– Islands: There are 5 paradisiac islands which you can discover around Phu Quoc. These islands are wilder and represent pristine beauty.

– Ham Ninh fishing village: On the east coast of the island is Ham Ninh – a picturesque and peaceful fishing village.

Activities to participate in Phu Quoc:

– Hiking in the park.

– Sunbathing and swimming.

– Taking a boat trip.

– Snorkeling and scuba diving.

– Visiting some pepper cultures.

13. Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

24 km northeast of Phan Thiet (200 km to the north of Ho Chi Minh City), Mui Ne is a fishing village located in the province of Binh Thuan and which offers magnificent dune landscapes of sand cut by the sea, a superb beach, streets protected from the sun by coconut trees, etc. You can come here to enjoy the calm, the sea, the sun with your partner as a lovely and romantic spiritual gift on your Valentine!

Destinations to discover in Mui Ne:

– Beaches of Mui Ne: The long, beautiful beaches and the warm sea all year round are the main attractions of Mui Ne. Also, Rang Beach is the most beautiful beach in Phan Thiet.

– Mui Ne dune: Unlike the cool sea, Mui Ne attracts tourists through the multi-colored dunes.

– Bau Trang & Bau Sen: These are 2 natural shower lakes in the middle of the vast hills of white sand with lotuses in summer.

Activities for couples in Mui Ne:

– Enjoying a walk on the long beach.

– Taking part in leisure activities in the dunes.

– Participating in sport activities like tobogganing, motorcycle racing, etc.

– Admiring the sunrise and sunset.

14. Con Dao

Located on the southeast coast of Vietnam, Con Dao is a group of islands that are popular among couples for its pristine sandy beaches, coral reefs, and colorful marine life.

This peaceful island destination in Vietnam is perfect for strengthening your bond and getting to know each other a little more.

Destinations to visit in Con Dao:

– Con Dao National Park: This is a nature reserve located in the Con Dao archipelago. This park includes part of the island and the surrounding sea.

– The beaches of Con Dao: This place has very beautiful beaches spreading all around the island. Although some of them are rocky, you can find several coves and bays where white sand rubs against a warm, turquoise sea.

How magical this place is by night, and so is your love!

How magical this place is by night, and so is your love!

What to do in Con Dao to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

– Exploring the mangrove forests.

– Diving into the depths of the ocean with your partner.

– Admiring the sunrise and sunset on the beaches.

– Immersing yourself in a natural environment and observing the very numerous plants and animal species of the archipelago.

Suggested Itineraries to Experience Unforgettable Valentine’s Day in Vietnam With Your Lover:

Indeed, some say that “Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you go, but it matters who’s next to you while you’re getting there”. Hopefully, our suggestion will help you enjoy a more remarkable Valentine’s Day than ever. What are you waiting for? Customize your Valentine trip now to save the date for your other half!

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