For a long time, bathing in thermal springs has been considered as “medicine” not only to relax both mind and muscles, but also to reduce stress. If you feel like pamper yourself after tiring days, spending time in herbal springs of Vietnam is a good idea for you. Here we provide Vietnam’s most famous thermal hot springs that not to be missed during your tour to Vietnam.

1. Kim Boi hot spring – Hoa Binh

For those who want to rest after a long tiring trip, Kim Boi hot spring is the right place. The Kim Boi mineral steam tourist area is located at the sunrise spot of the mineral spring in the village of Mieu, Ha Cai commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province. Among several hot springs in Vietnam, this is a mineral source with the lowest temperature (from 34 to 36ºC). Although it is not hot enough to create steam on the water, the temperature and mineral content of this place still is sufficient for healing and relaxation.

According to some scientific tests, Kim Boi’s water resources can reach the required quality standard. Therefore, it is also suitable for both drinking and bathing.

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Kim Boi hot spring, Hoa Binh

In addition, there are many dissolved solids and a high content of minerals, including calcium or lithium or radium. This is the reason why this water is a good “medicine” for diseases like rheumatism, intestinal diseases, stomach aches, high blood pressure, etc.

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Pampering a large deposit of mineral water from the Kim Boi steam promises to provide each visitor with an unforgettable memory. Surely no one will refuse to spend time in such a place!

2. Kenh Ga hot spring – Ninh Binh

This place is not only an eco-cultural tourist site with unique remarkable landscapes but also an ideal resort for tourists on a tour to Northern Vietnam. With a location in the province of Ninh Binh, it has unique warm salt water with a stable temperature of 53ºC, potassium chloride (KCI), sodium chloride (NaCl), calcium (Ca), and bicarbonate (HCO3) that help with medical treatments. This is one of the most important factors that distinguish Kenh Ga from the rest hot springs.

Kenh Ga, Ninh Binh

Kenh Ga hot spring, Ninh Binh

Vietnamese scientists have confirmed the good quality of this source, which is similar to the quality of the convalescent areas of Germany and Russia. So far, the main branches of the spring have a system to channel water into certain pools for swimming and soaking. If visitors do not want to swim, they can drink spring water. Water is excellent for skin conditions such as scabies and vitiligo and for curing a variety of stomach aches and obesity.

3. Tay Vien thermal spring – Quang Nam

On your tour to Southern Vietnam, in Quang Nam province, you can spend time relaxing and immersing into Tay Vien thermal spring, which was discovered millennia ago. Its water, which reaches 85ºC, is reputed to contain precious mineral substances such as potassium, calcium, sulfur, and iron. Tourists can relax in a mud bath and this is also a good choice to make here.

Tay Vien thermal spring, Quang Nam

Tay Vien thermal spring, Quang Nam

The name Tay Vien is associated with the name of an herbal garden. This place is located west of the Que Son district, Quang Nam province. If time permits, you can visit this beautiful and fresh site as well.

4. Dam Rong hot spring – Lam Dong

Dam Rong hot spring is famous for becoming a major ecotourism and medical center highly prized by foreigners. It is 70km far from Da Lat, further to the south, on the central Highlands in Lam Dong province. The concentration of sulfur in its waters is particularly recommended for the treatment of dermatological of cardiovascular diseases. This destination will offer you a magnificent panorama and unforgettable long-lasting moments while immersing your body into an average water temperature of around 40 to 45°C.

Dam Rong, Lam Dong

Dam Rong hot spring, Lam Dong

Due to the higher concentration of sulfur, Dam Rong hot spring is very helpful for skin diseases, rheumatism, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, etc. This is also one of the natural hot springs in Vietnam.

Apart from swimming in the hot springs here, you will also have an opportunity to enjoy rustic dishes such as freshly cooked chicken soup shoots, sipping “authentic” wine or learning the customs and traditions of the indigenous people.

5. Thanh Tan hot spring – Hue

Nestled between lush mountains, this is a tranquil resort of almost 50 hectares width, including many different mini hot springs. It allows you to have a health spa and illnesses treating at the same time while bathing. With a water degree balance and stability ingredients, the quality of this hot spring is comparable to the mines of France in particular and Europe in general.

Thanh Tan hot springs, Hue

Thanh Tan hot spring, Hue

Thanh Tan is becoming one of the most famous hot springs ecotourism – uninterrupted healing. It attracts tourists from all over the country and worldwide of the stopover to visit and refresh.

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