Trekking and hiking is one of the prime attraction of Vietnam. So you must have heard of Sapa trekking, Mai Chau trekking, Fansipan trekking, Bach Ma hiking… when it comes to trekking in Vietnam. But have you ever heard of Ta Nang – Phan Dung trekking route? This unspoiled, rustic yet mysterious and charming scenery of Ta Nang, Vietnam attracts professional mountain climbers to first-time-trekker young adults. Having experienced for yourself, you will understand the challenges and hardships this route brings. This article is to provide you the most crucial tips for trekking Ta Nang – Phan Dung.

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Where is Ta Nang- Phan Dung?

Located at the border of Lam Dong and Binh Thuan, 300 kilometer from Ho Chi Minh City and 80 kilometers from Dalat, Ta Nang – Phan dung is voted as one of the most beautiful trekking route of Vietnam. For a long time, this has become a chosen destination of thousands adventurers to satisfy the dream of “picking up your backpack and travel” (Xach Ba Lo Len va Di – A famous book that started the adventure travel trance in Vietnam), of emerging oneself into nature and leaving behind the busy daily living. Not only this is the best trekking and hiking route nearby Dalat and Ho Chi Minh, it is also rated as the best trekking route in Vietnam.

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Sound great?

But it is not easy.

With the length of 55 kilometers, crossing three provinces of Lam Dong – Ninh Thuan – Binh Thuan, trekking Ta Nang – Phan Dung is not as simple as it sounds. Trekkers exploring this route, besides crossing the jungle and climbing hills, also have to cross rivers (which are dangerous on rain season) and trek through the highest up to 1.100 meters above sea level to 500 meters at the lowest. Overall, this trekking route is the most beautiful route in Vietnam, offering amazing landscape, and also very dangerous for trekkers going without local guide.

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Overview of trekking route Ta Nang – Phan Dung

The total length of the trip is around 55 kilometers, which will take adventurers about three days and two nights to conquer. If your time is restricted, you should remove Yaly waterfalls, which will leave the rest of the route to 30 kilometer (take two days and one night).


Tanang-Phan Dung trekking is challenging but worthwhile

The first foot-steps crossing the jungle is an easy warm-up compared to many challenges awaiting for you ahead. After trekking through a wet jungle, adventurers will see ahead sinuous hills. Slippery wet ground, unexpected turns, uphill and downhill… can easily defeat the unprepared mind and body. The walking stick is your most helpful assistant.

When is the best time to trek Ta Nang – Phan Dung?

Travelers could trek Ta Nang-, Lam Dong in any season during the year. From June to February, it is green-grass season in Ta Nang. During this time, the rain level increases, leading to grass fields and plantation turning to a lush green color. The weather will turn colder when it gets closer to the end of the year.


Tanang- Phan Dung during rain season

October to August is the best time to trek Ta Nang since the rain season is over and the temperature is mild. However, during this time, the route could get slippery and muddy. Furthermore, the water level rises which means you must travel with experienced people or local guides.

From March to June, it is burnt-grass season in Tanang. This is also the dry season and usually gets hot and sunny. During this time, grass fields get dried up, turning into a yellow red color. The pros of traveling this time is that dry land making trekking easier. Especially during night time, the sky is very clear and travelers could observe the sky filled with stars.


Ta Nang – Phan Dung during dry season

What to prepare for Tanang- Phan Dung trekking trip?

Health training before the trekking trip

This is the most important factor of the trekking trip to Tanang. Your stamina must be well since you will walk, hike and trek for 40 kilometers under hot and cold weather with high humidity. If you did not train before your trip, you will lose your stamina fast and could result in fainting.

Equipment and Inventory

The stress from hours of moving and heavy luggage will be lessened if you pick the suitable equipment in the beginning. You should use shoes specialized for mountain trekking and trekking bag personalized to your body size.

Camping tent/Sleeping bag/Hammock

Camping tent will hold many people, as well as protecting you from weather and insects. Hammock could be useful for nan-flat landscape. Sleeping bag is essential since the temperature drops very low on mountainous area.

Bag and backpack

For mountain trekking trip, you should take time picking the on personalized to your body size. Avoid using to backpack that is too big, which will make items inside moving around while trekking. It is recommended to use backpack with many straps and pockets. For color, you should pick the one with standing out colors such as orange, red, yellow …

Trekking shoes

Besides trekking boots specialized for trekking and hiking, if you plan to use other types of shoes, make sure they fulfill certain basic factors: good adhesion, fitting and do not hurt your feet. You should not use brand new shoes, but that is all you have then it is better to use them 5-7 times before the actual trekking trip.

Long pants and jackets

The long pants should be tough and having good breath ability. Furthermore, it should have leg cuff that enhance a tight fit around the hiking boots to prevent bugs and insects. You also bring one or two jacket since the temperate on Ta Nang drops very low at night.


A very necessary accessories since it reduce the impact of long hiking, helps you avoid insect bites and keep your shoes dry. Hence, you should bring plenty with you.


This is the most important factor of the Ta Nang journey because if your provisions are insufficient, you will not be able to recover, leading to low stamina, fatigue or even fainting. Make sure to bring with you minimum of 4 litters of water. This amount of water should last you about 26 hours. Then, you could use boiled river water.  Rice, sticky rice, bread, hotdog, sausages, jerky… are the most popular choices among mountain climbers. Fresh and easily spoiled food such as meat or fruits are not recommended.

Other accessories

  • Maps/Compass/GPS
  • Hat, poncho, walking stick
  • Match, lighter, flashlight
  • Mosquito’s repellence, first aid, personal medication, sunscreen…

Trekking equipment

The trip start from preparation step

Crucial Trekking Ta Nang – Phan Dung tips

Keep a positive attitude

It is not uncommon that many people want to give up after several hours of trekking through the forest. At that moment, it is crucial to remind travelers the first and most important promise of the journey: Once starting, never give up.

Remember that recovering is important

To continue the rigorous ahead, you should take breaks to restore energy and to recover your stamina. Each person should prepare their own meal. You could cook rice and eat it with dried fish or use industrial food as packaged noddle, hot dog…

Having instruction from local people is crucial

Trekking Ta Nang by yourself or your group alone could be risky and the result is hard to tell. It is recommended for explorers to hire experienced local as group leader.

Do not cross river or waterfalls if not having skills or experiences

Travelers should not try to cross river or waterfalls with harsh flowing water. Especially on mountainous area, rivers and waterfalls frequently get flooded quickly during rain season. Make sure that trekking group tie the rope tightly and follow each other when crossing river.


Phan Dung river during flooding season becomes very dangerous

Equip with you survival skills

It is suggested that all group members should know well survival skills in mountainous and forested area such as tent making, rope tying, making fire, looking for food, distinguishing food, first aid…

Knowing the route very well

Group leader and all members need to know the schedule well and the landscape as well as major destinations to avoid getting lost.

Always have alternative plan and preparation to face the change of weather

Mountainous area is where weather change quickly and unexpectedly. For that reason, during your trip, you need to prepare mentally and specialized equipment to face the change of weather.

Always stay close with teammate, do not go too far from group

There should not be too many people on the team in the beginning. It is crucial that group members must stay close together and pay attention to each other during the whole trip. Avoid separating the group to self-explore or taking picture.


Ta Nang – Phan Dung trekking is an unforgettable trip

In conclusion, Ta Nang-Phan Dung trekking is an unforgettable experience

The journey is clean air and charming natural view only seen on pictures … that easily moves the viewers’ heart.  It is the quite sunset, the evening sun light dyed each canopy and each grass golden. It is the wind carrying the smell of mountain and jungle and easing the weariness of travelers.

It is the deep dark night with you and your teammates under the night sky filled with stars, sitting next the camp fire and encouraging each other.

It is the fresh dawn with pure sunlight piercing through dewed-tree crown. It is when each traveler waking up in silence, stretching their arm and breathing in the fresh air … Everything of this trekking trip brings you a miraculous emotion that is completely different from busy and noisy daily life of the city.


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