There are some markets in Vietnam which are only held once a year, often on New Year’s Day. Though locally and organically organized, some of these markets are widely known among Vietnamese and have been taking place for many generations.


Held in Nam Dinh Province, Vieng Market is launched annually on the 8th day of the first lunar month when people have just finished celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday. Legend has it that anyone who goes to this market can earn some good fortune by buying a product made of copper.


Vieng Market

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This is an area of historical significance for the Vietnamese, and traditional culture is strong. While previously the market mainly featured local products such as ornamental plants, crops, craft articles, utensils, and bronze or iron tools, today the range of products is wider. Quite the exception among Vietnamese markets, there is traditionally no bargaining on price between buyers and vendors here.

Antiques for sale during the last 10 days of the year, at the market held in Hanoi’s Old Quarter near the intersection of Hang Ma, Hang Can and Hang Luoc streets.


Hanoi’s Old Quarter


The market is a meeting point of those interested in antiques, with some items here being many centuries old. Visiting Hanoi’s Old Quarter market will be one of the most highlight destinations in your Vietnam Tours.

Thieu Market, an open air gathering in Thanh Hoa Province, is known for local products.


Thieu Market


The market used to be held along the riverside for convenient water transportation, with transactions made between vendors on the riverbank and on boats. At present, it has been moved to a pagoda, which was proposed by the local people, for the purpose of maintaining the traditional countryside spirit with the combination between pagoda and market.

Yin and Yang market, located in O Village, Bac Ninh Province, is said to have been first established in the year 40 A.D. It is held only once a year in the 4th night of New Year and lasts till the morning of the following day. If you have time, do not miss the chance to visit Yin and Yang market in your Vietnam Discovery Tour.


Yin and Yang market


The market is held at night because it is considered a place for the dead and the living to meet. People go to the market, ask for drinks, chew betel and areca and sing folk songs. Previously, there were no covered market stalls or candles found here. Visitors only brought black chickens as offerings. A water basin is put at the entrance to test the yin and yang money. Stories were told that some buyers checked their money the following morning to find they were only shells and leaves. However, they were still happy because they could do something good for the spirits of the dead.

Khau Vai Market in Ha Giang Province has been meeting for over 100 years, and is held once a year on 27th of the third lunar month. Khau Vai Market certainly makes your Northern Vietnam Exposure Tours more exciting.


Khau Vai Market


Known as a ‘love market’, there were originally only a few vendors to provide food to those visiting the market to meet their former romantic partners. However, the market is now commercialized with many products available to be sold.


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