Dry season in Thailand, November to February, is the best time to visit the country since you will enjoy a dry and cool climate without any downpours. Dry season in Thailand is undoubted the busiest tourism season in this country. But there is a reason why everyone plans a tour to Thailand at the same time: The weather is awesome! Warm sunshine and a little breeze are irresistible lures for any Western travelers who are suffering the chilly weather in their hometowns.

Dry Season in Thailand

Koh Samui - Thailand Travel Guide
Koh Samui

The dry season in Thailand lasts from November to May with little or no rain. From late November to early January, it is cooler in the north in the early mornings and late evenings as winter approaches. The average temperature ranges from 25 to 27 degrees Celsius during this period. This is the best time to escape from Western winters and relax on some turquoise beaches here.

The temperature begins to rise from March until May and it may peak at 40 degrees Celsius. This is the hottest period in the country. The number of tourists gradually drops during this period because the monsoon will arrive afterward, usually in May.

Events and Festivals during Dry Season in Thailand

1. Loi Krathong (November)

Loi Krathong
Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong, or the Thai Festival of Lights, is one of the most dazzling festivals in the country. “Krathong” is a Thai word which refers to a piece of banana trunk decorated with flowers, banana leaves, candle, and incense sticks; and “Loy” means to float. It is said that since Thailand is an agriculture-based country, the river is their vein. Placing the buoyant decorated baskets is to show respect to the river.

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2. Wonderfruit Festival (December)

Wonderfruit Festival is Thailand’s biggest annual arts festival that takes place on the outskirts of Pattaya in December. This event features many musical performances, art exhibitions, workshops, talks, and banquets offered by experienced chefs. During this time, the beaches near Bangkok are more crowded with backpackers than usual. You can check out the event’s website for the line up!

3. Makha Bucha Day (February or March)

Makha Bucha Day 
Makha Bucha Day

Makha Bucha is celebrated on the full moon of the third lunar month when the Buddha delivered his core teachings. It is the occasion for Buddhist pilgrims to gather at a temple for merit-making activities. In the evening, there are candlelight processions when people walk around the Ubosot (Ordination Hall) clockwise three times, praying and holding flowers, incenses, and a candle.

4. Chakri Day (6th April)

Just before the Song Kran in April, Chakri Memorial Day is an important day in Thailand. Chakri Day, which falls on April 6 annually, commemorates the establishment of the Chakri Dynasty in 1782, the time when the capital city Bangkok was founded. It is the time for Thai People to show respect to King Rama I, the first king of Chakri Dynasty, along with all the following Kings of the Royal family.

5. Song Kran (13th – 15th April)


Song Kran or Thai New Year is the biggest event in Thailand. This event takes place for three days from 13th to 15th April annually. The Song Kran celebration is rich with symbolic traditions. In the morning, people perform merit-making activities at temples and offer food to the Buddhist monks. The locals also pour water into Buddhist statues to wish that all sins and bad luck of the last year will be washed away. Water splashing is a cannot-miss part of Song Kran. Crowds of people throw buckets of water, use water pistols or just soak anyone in the vicinity.

Dry season in Thailand is an ideal time to visit its renowned temples, pristine jungles, mysterious ethnic villages, and lush vegetation. Especially, thanks to the favorable weather, you can enjoy a perfect “sun, sand and sea” holiday in some mesmerizing beaches and islands in this country.

1. Bangkok

The Grand Palace - Thailand Travel Guide
The Grand Palace

The city that never sleeps, the dazzling city in Southeast Asia and the residence of the Emerald Buddha. You can name Bangkok as many ways as you can. Also known as Krung Thep, ‘the City of Angels’, Bangkok is full of amazing attractions, leaving visitors overwhelmed when trying to decide which ones they should head for. When traveling to Bangkok, you can choose some typical religious and royal places such as the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew complex, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and Wat Traimit, the temple of the Golden Buddha. The system of night markets and shopping malls of this city will not disappoint any travelers; some of which can be named are Chatuchak Weekend Market, Khao San Road, Rod Fai Train Market, Patpong Night Market, and the glorious Siam Paragon.

2. Chiang Mai

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Chiang Mai is the economic hub of Northern Thailand. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, this city promises to amaze tourists with amazing river journeys or elephant treks. Inside the city, there is a system of more than 30 temples which is a fusion of Burmese, Sri Lankan, and Lanna Thai styles. Some most beautiful religious spots are Wat Umong, Wat Pha Lat, Wat Chedi Luang, and especially Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. This temple is a quintessential image of Chiang Mai and it is considered as the most sacred temple in the city. Outside the city, there are many things to do such as Jungle Flight, home to Thailand’s longest zipline, Doi Inthanon National Park, a captivating trekking spot, or go rafting on Mae Taeng River.

3. Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son Loop
Mae Hong Son Loop

The main reason why tourists are attracted to Mae Hong Son is trekking, and that’s why you should visit this town during the dry season. You can find a blend of Burmese and Thai culture in this small town and Shan cultural influence can be seen in food. Mae Hong Son is renowned for its dense forests, amazing waterfalls, and mist-shrouded valleys. Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park in the town is where you can discover unspoiled nature, and you may even find some wild animals such as deer and boar. The Mae Hong Son Loop, which is a popular road to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, is a comprehensive way to explore some of Thailand’s most authentic provinces.

4. Kanchanaburi

Bridge over the River Kwai - Kanchanaburi
Bridge over the River Kwai – Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi contains many thrilling sceneries and beautiful landscapes that can stun every backpacker. This town is voted as one of the most striking towns in Thailand with accessible waterfalls and national parks.  Tourists can get to know a diverse biosphere with numerous kinds of animals and tropical plants. Moreover, culture and history lovers will find Kanchanaburi very interesting most attractions in this town are related to World War II. For most tourists, Bridge over the River Kwai is the main attraction in the town, as it is a part of the infamous Death Railway to Myanmar during World War II.

5. Sukhothai

Sukhothai Historical Park
Sukhothai Historical Park

Founded in 1238 by King Ramkhamhaeng, Sukhothai, which means Dawn of Happiness, was the capital city of Sukhothai Kingdom for approximately 140 years. The Sukhothai Kingdom was considered the cradle of Thai art and culture. Sukhothai Historical Park is a well-known attraction in the city which contains numerous historical sites. This place was recognized as UNESCO World Heritage site. Because of its massive size of around 70 square kilometers, the best way to appreciate the beauty of this historical park is cycling. It will be awesome to visit the park at sunset and admire the Buddha images when the sun goes down.

6. Pattaya

Koh Larn - Pattaya
Koh Larn – Pattaya

Pattaya is a popular seaside town which is 100 kilometers from Bangkok. When you think about Bangkok, the image of ladyboys, go-go bars, and drunken tourists probably pops up in your minds. However, there are many fun and family-friendly activities to do in this town. Apart from Pattaya Beach and Walking Street which are crowded with tourists, Jomtien Beach, which is just a few kilometers from city center, is a heaven for water sports such as diving, jet skiing, and parasailing. You can also spend a day trip on the tranquil Koh Larn (Coral Island). If you do not have enough time, you can go around some attractions in town such as Sanctuary of Truth, Buddha Hill, and Mini Siam.

7. Phuket


Phuket is well-known for its exciting beaches and outrageous nightlife with many restaurants, luxurious resorts, colorful homestays, go-go bars, and beach clubs. Jet skiing, surfing, and paragliding are three water sports you can enjoy in Phuket. The town of Patong in Phuket is the heaven where you can attend endless ‘you-only-live-once’ night parties. When traveling to the town, you are recommended to take a cruise to Phang Nga Bay in the northeast of Phuket and see limestone islands, emerald water, and especially the famous Khao Phing Kan or James Bond Island. Wat Chalong and Big Buddha are two must-see religious spots in town.

8. Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta, which belongs to Krabi Province, is popular for travelers who want to have a holiday away from the parties. Koh Lanta contains several islands, of which two biggest islands are Koh Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai. Koh Lanta boasts stunning scenery with turquoise beaches, white sand and plenty of forests and coral reefs. There are not as many beach bars on this island as in Phuket or Koh Phi Phi, but you can enjoy the solitude by walking and admiring sunrise and sunset on the beach. Koh Lanta National Park and Lanta Old Town are two main attractions in the island.

9. Koh Kood

Koh Kood
Koh Kood

Koh Kood, also known as Koh Kut, is an island of Trat Province in the Gulf of Thailand. Compared to other touristy islands in the Gulf like Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan, this island is quieter, making it the place for those who seek for ultimate tranquility or luxurious retreats. Sightseeing in Koh Kood is pretty limited, but you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the crystal-clear water. Most luxurious resorts such as Koh Kood Beach Resort, Dusita Resort, and Horizon Resort are along the coast. You can also trek to Klong Chao Waterfall and Klong Yai Ki Waterfall, as well as visit two fishing village Ao Salat and Ao Yai.

10. Koh Pha Ngan

Koh Pha Ngan
Koh Pha Ngan

Located halfway between Koh Samui and Koh Tao, Koh Pha Ngan is known as an island of coconut trees. The island is dotted with several wondrous bays and beautiful retreats. Haad Rin Beach, the most crowded beach in Koh Pha Ngan, is where the famous Full Moon Party takes place. One night every month, you can see thousands of locals and tourists gather together here to drink, dance, and sing. There are many cheap beach bars and eateries around Haad Rin, which is a great opportunity to interact with other travelers. Remember to take speed boat excursions to Ang Thong National Marine Park and take part in diving classes in Koh Pha Ngan as well.

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