Pattaya Location mapPattaya is 165 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, located on the east coast of Thai Gulf, placed in the province of Chon Buri is the center of the Pattaya-Chonburi Metropolitan Area. Pattaya (pronounced “Patti-yah” and means “south-west monsoon wind”) is a popular resort known as the capital of fun in Thailand, a hedonist paradise, with a nightlife that is legendary.

The city is just about two hours by road from Bangkok, because of its easy accessibility; its convenient location from the capital, make it one of the most popular weekend gateways. As one of the most successful beach resorts in the world, the city attracts hundreds of thousand of pleasure-seeking tourists. Its relaxing tropical ambience (good beaches, offshore islands) is synonymous of a memorable holiday. Formerly a fishing town, it was used as a Rest and Recreation center by the American forces during the Vietnam War, since that the city was grown into a sun, sea and sex destination. In recent years environmental improvements have been made and the city is working very hard to clean up its bad reputation.

There are many tourist attractions at Pattaya, by example: Phra Tamnak Hill, which provide a panoramic view of Pattaya View; the Coral Island (Koh Lan); the Wat Yansangwararam; the Bottle Art Museum, with over 300 miniatures in bottles; the tropical garden and cultural shows at Nong Nooch Village; the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum; the Million Year Stone Park which has ancient flora and animal species; the SriRacha Tiger Zoo; and the Mini Siam, a replica in miniature of renowned temples and palaces.

There are many sporting opportunities in the city, visitors can practice water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, game fishing, scuba-diving, jet-skiing, water skiing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, or just take a sunbath. Pattaya has more than 30 islands from Si Racha in the north to Sattahip in the south, most island have fascinating dive sites with exceptional coral species and tropical fish. Sporting opportunities on land include golf courses, bungee jumping, badminton, shooting, horseback riding and carting.

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After dark, Pattaya offers a lively nightlife with a spectacular variety of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, karaoke, discotheques, night clubs, cabarets, go-go bars and etc. The majority of these diversion places are concentrated in Central and South Pattaya.

Pattaya is also a shopping paradise; there are malls, bazaar-style markets and fashionable boutiques where you can buy garments, silk, clothes, handicrafts, gemstones, jewelry, paintings, sportswear, souvenirs, and etc. These shops are located mostly around the main street of South Pattaya and in the vicinity of major hotels. Beware of buying fake goods.

Pattaya offer incredible alternatives of accommodation, from luxury hotels with private beaches to simple guesthouses. Pattaya is able to offer an excellent range of eating choices; visitors can find various International cuisines and fresh seafood in several specialty restaurants. One can choose between Thai, French, Italian, Swiss, German, Hungarian, Russian, American, Mexican, Korean, Scandinavian, English, Indian, Moslem, Japanese, Chinese Cuisines and more.