As one of the most well-preserved ancient cities in China, Pingyao is endowed with a rich and colorful culinary culture. Pingyao used to be an important trading center back to the imperial era. Merchants from many provinces in China had brought here different ingredients, which led to the diversity of Pingyao cuisine.

Pingyao is famous for many wheaten foods, which are the specialty of Shanxi province. More than 100 kinds of noodles and buns are served here. Hand-pulled noodle can be found in various street vendors and restaurants here. Moreover, Pingyao beef jerky, bean curd jelly, long yam and qiaomian kaolaolao are also popular dishes here. Don’t miss the mouth-watering beefy dish in Pingyao; this food has become well-known since Ming dynasty. There are not many high-end restaurants in this city; hence the dishes are homey and authentic.

Pingyao Wantuozi

Wantouzi is a traditional noodle snack in this city. This dish was invented by a famous local chef called Dong Xuan about a century ago. The process of making Wantouzi is simple yet sophisticated: the wheat is mixed with warm water until the mixture becomes dough. Then, it is steamed for 15 minutes.

There are two ways to enjoy Wantouzi: either cold or hot noodles. When serving cold, vinegar, garlic, green onion, sesame and other ingredients are added to the noodles; while the hot version is stir-fried noodles with bean sprouts. This snack can be found almost everywhere in Pingyao, but the best one is made by Dong Xingwang, the fourth generation of Dong Xuan.

Pingyao beef jerky

Pingyao beef jerky is the local specialty of this city. You can find the best Pingyao beef jerky when strolling along Ming Qing street and heading to a street vendor here. The history of this dish can be dated back to Han Dynasty, and then it became popular since Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

No need other seasonings, just high-quality beef and a handful of salt are enough to make Pingyao beef jerky. The beef is salted with a special kind of local salt for one to three months and then stewed for a half day. It is fresh and juicy after stewing and its smell is appealing. You can buy Pingyao beef jerky as a local gift for your friends. The most reputable brand is Guanyun beef; you can find their products in souvenir stores and supermarkets.

Pingyao bean curd jelly

Pingyao bean curd jelly is a local cheap snack which is simply made from very soft tofu. The tofu is mixed with a special sauce containing noodles, soy sauce, and other ingredients. Pingyao bean curd jelly tastes light and tender and it is a great dessert for refreshing.

Pingyao Yellow Wine

This wine is made from yellow sticky rice with yeast. The taste is not as strong as other local alcohols. Changshengyuan Restaurant is a popular place where you can find high-quality yellow rice wine.

Most famous restaurants in Pingyao

  • Yunjincheng Restaurant: No.64, South Avenue, Old City
  • Tianyuankui Guesthouse: No.73, South Avenue, Old City
  • Ju Guang Ju Hotel: No.20, Shuncheng Road, Old City
  • Yide Hotel: No.16, Shaxiang Street, Old City
  • Backpacker: No. 198, West Street
  • Zhongdu Binguan: 1 Shun Cheng Road
  • Guang Ju Yuan: Xiguan Dajie, Pingyao
  • Pingyao Qin Ge Da Guo Zai: Beiguan Dajie, Pingyao