Pingyao is one of the most well-preserved ancient cities in China. It is a county of Shanxi Province and located in the north of China. Once an important trading center of China, Pingyao now is the home to several traditional residences rather than natural sceneries. Tourists can discover the quintessence of Ming and Qing architectural styles in this city. Despite its small size, Pingyao is endowed with many historical and cultural buildings and a diverse cuisine that can delight every traveler. Nowadays, Pingyao is a popular tourist destination in Northern China.

What to do in Pingyao?
Pingyao Ancient City Wall

With a notable history of 2700 years, Pingyao is famous for many unspoiled historical constructions around the city. This city is also known as the ‘Ancient Wall Street’ of China back in ancient periods. Visiting historical and cultural relics is an interesting activity for you to understand this prosperous ancient city.

  • Rishengchang Bank: Pingyao is the oldest financial center of China which was prosperous during Qing Dynasty. Rishengchang Bank, which was founded in 1823, is the earliest bank of this country. In this relic, you will feel that you are on the time machine when bookkeeping was done by pens and abacus.
  • Pingyao Ancient City Wall: Pingyao Ancient City Wall is the symbol of powerful ancient Pingyao. This wall is 6 kilometers long, 12 meters high and 3 to 6 meters wide. It is built purely from bricks and stones.
  • Ming Qing Street: Ming Qing Street is located at the heart of Pingyao. It used to a bustling and crowded trading street during Ming and Qing dynasties.
  • Wang Family Compound: 35 kilometers from the southwest of Pingyao, Wang Family Compound was built during Qing Dynasty (about 200 years ago). This compound belonged to Wang family, from being a bean curd seller to entering into business and politics.
  • Qiao Family Compound: 40 kilometers from the northeast of Pingyao, Qiao Family Compound used to be a private residence of Qiao Zhiyong, the most brilliant member of the powerful Qiao Family. With an area of 9000 square meters, Qiao Family Compound contains 6 large courtyards, 20 small courtyards and more than 300 rooms.
  • Shuanglin Temple: Formerly known as Zhongdu Temple, Shuanglin Temple is a notable Buddhist building in Pingyao. It is estimated that this temple has a history of over 400 years.
Best time to travel to Pingyao

Pingyao belongs to temperate monsoon climate zone with four distinct seasons. Since this city is located in the north of China, winters in Pingyao are cold and the temperature can reach -12 degrees Celcius. Summers are hot here with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. This city also experiences the high level of rainfall during summers. The best time to visit Pingyao is from March to October.

Pingyao Travel Tips
  • Railways and highways are highly developed in Pingyao and it only takes 4 hours to travel from Beijing to Pingyao by a high-speed train. You can find a taxi easily in this city.
  • Bargain hard when you want to buy something at souvenir stores; the sellers may charge you a higher price.